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Does this work at all with MV, or is it strictly for MZ?

My god that looks insanely convoluted ._. 

It was a big oversight on my part anyway so Im happy its fixed now.  So glad youre enjoying it so far ^_^

Im actually not sure how to do that friend.  Do you know how I could do that?  Id love to make this as accessible as possible ^_^

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Already caught and fixed. Turns out encrypting the game removes the folder needed to save... or play with the options. Didnt realize that, but all good to go now <3 You can either add a folder beside the exe thats simply called "www" and a "Save" folder inside, or re-download and I've done included it.  Still NO idea why the encryptor didnt catch that glaring issue, but I HOPE thats the only one!