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Oh dear, that was eight months and there still isn’t a draft up.

In my defense, it was approximately 8 months ago that we had a seizure, our brain tumor was discovered, and we had brain surgery.

Right now we are working on Cosmic Legends for the foreseeable future.

At the present time we are not actively developing this game but we hope to return to it soon.

Thanks! If we were doing it now, we would use Caltrops Core’s SRD as our foundation.

Awesome! Once I get it finished, it’ll be free to everyone to use.

I like “working out loud” so to speak.

I should make the github public soon.

Thank you!

oh, thank you!


Still working on it, gotta make up a lot of card results. :) But should have a draft up this weekend.

Yay I got it done in time :)

Thanks! I’m happy with the character sheets, and I only have two more sections to write.

Then all that’s left are the images, and the plaintext, non-landscape version’s CSS.

lol i forgot to upload the pdf file

fixed now

This was a really fun jam, I liked it!

Neato! I like it.

I’m still working on Pioneers, but I figured I would submit it while working so I don’t forget to do that a month from now.

LUMEN Jam community · Created a new topic Pioneers

Still working on it, but I figured I should submit it or else in the next week I’ll forget to do so …

(Old NASA space probes come back, nuke the world, only survivors are up in funky space colonies.)

Here’s the preview in PDF:


An homage to Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and that so-groovy-they-must-be-on-drugs NASA space station concept art from the 1970s.

Cool cool

I’ll still toss it in there for this one, in hopes someone might give me decent feedback :)

Hello! I joined at the last minute, and don’t have anything to submit, but I wanted to make sure to keep this idea on my radar so that’s why I joined. Hope that’s not a problem!

I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be able to finish before the deadline; should I submit my incomplete game, or just not?

It's actually over a month away but still, thank you.

I made games to play with my partner when we go to Disneyland for my birthday. :)

Oh yeah, I didn't really get back to fixing up this game but I ran out of time. Thank you for the kind words!

Glad you like it. :)

I ran out of time to get mine done, alas.

You had me at "kaiju attack".

This was nice, really liked reading it.

I figured out that I was making playbooks with the wrong part of my mind and I needed to focus on what I want them to coax players to do.

(and no, I promise it's not pirates)

We have an idea we've been futzing around with for a while, so we're going to do it up in PbtA since we couldn't make it work in our experiments. So apart from some intro texts, it'll all be brand new playbooks, moves, and other good ol' PbtA stuffs.