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XD I tried to actually play 365 days (since you're supposed to be enslaved for a year), just to see if this game has an ending. But no, there's no ending. It continues just like the other days..forever.  :(

Hi ! I really like the concept of this game. Do you think that you will make a version for MAC someday ? 

This game is really cool ! I really like the art and concept ! *v*

But I was wondering if there is an end to this game (except from being fired)..I've played until day 11 but it is just the same thing over and over again.

Awww this game looks absolutely gorgeous ! Do you think that you will make a version for Mac someday ? ;v;

(I know that the game just came out, so it may be a bit early to ask, sorry ^^')

Yeah ! I survived with 6 people !

God I hope the third man is okay.... 0^0