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Cosmic Fox

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I would like #2 and #5.

Thank you so much for hosting the game jam, it's been really fun!

Thank you so much for playing!

I just updated the game, so most of the bugs have been fixed.  I also fixed the GUI and the HUD (Originally, it wasn't suppose to be like that!).

Also just a heads up in the future, almost every RPGMAKER games controls can be changed by pressing F1 and changing it from there! 

Yup, VX Ace! 

Thanks for playing! I might do some more after the jam!


Sorry about all the problems you've encountered.  I will try to fix these asap.

I'll try to give you a rundown to why most of these issues exist:

Title - I randomly thought of it out of the blue, inspired by Japanese anime titles like steins;gate, robotic;notes, etc.

The tutorials and such wasn't meant be all in your face all in the beginning. I wanted to extend the tutorial a bit longer, but unfortunately ran out of time.

The controls are like that by default, I'll see if I can change it, since I do agree it's a bit convoluted.

I drew the character and the enemies, the character portrait was suppose to be a placeholder along with some of the stuff in-game but decided to just roll with it.

A lot of stuff got scrapped and left incomplete  due to me rushing the project I didn't have enough time, I wanted to add more sprites and such. The sfx used is either default or gotten from opengameart.

I forgot to disable save woops, a lot of stuff was left for some debugging.

There was suppose to be an ending, but again, didn't have enough time. (Literally uploaded the project in the last couple of minutes!)

Thanks for playing, I'm going to try to release another fixed version to fix most of the issues and balance it out a bit more!

Thanks for playing! :D

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EDIT: WOOPS, forgot to set it to public. Sorry about that!


Sorry guys, first time creating and submitting a game project. I submitted my project in the last couple  of minutes but now I don't seem to see it anywhere. It only says I submitted it to this game jam but when I click the link it just re-directs me back to the itch.io homepage. Is it still being processed or possibly glitched? 

Thank you!