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controller support? (i have dk2 rip)

would be nice to see it in there because it loks so cool

"not that many people have a computer" lol

Hey! This game looks so awesome but I cant play it because I have a dk2 :(

I think a non vr and xbox controller support would be great as it extends the amount of people that can play this game.

Fantastic game, one of the best on VR IMO

Make the shark less darn annoying!

The problem is the shark is a completely silent, noiseless predator, and with an expanding base that might incorporate walls there is so way of predicting if the very floor you're standing on is being mauled by a shark. The shark doesn't feel threatening, it just irritates the player.

A suggestion would be to make a barrier of scrap and nails. This can be crafted fairly cheaply and will provide extra resistance to survive at least 1 shark attack. This can help solve the problem of the build up of scrap I seem to have too. Barriers could be attatched to the sides of foundations, and can make loud denting sounds when a shark is trying to eat it.

Just my thoughts :-)

why have you got a mac?

you have 38 subs... not rising particularly quickly are we?