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You're totally right, thanks for catching that!

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Submissions are now closed

Hi Community,

I'm Spencer from the team.

We're working on an upcoming game bundle and I wanted to open the opportunity to participate to the broader community. This will be a fixed price Selects bundle in which 5-8 games are available for a one-time purchase, and all participating developers earn an even share of the revenue. The games and price are TBD, but we're looking to run the bundle for a single week in mid May.

Naturally we won't be able to include every game that is interested, and this time we're only looking for video games (please no TTRPGS, tools, soundtracks etc.).

To be considered please leave a link to your game from the account that controls it in the comments below, and be prepared to check the email associated with your account if you're selected.

Submissions will remain open until April 25th at 10am PT.

We've extended the submission deadline just a few more days to let more folks submit. 
Please post if you'd like to be considered before
Friday April 28th.


This rules, and now I have even more games to check out! Thanks for highlighting them!


Don't tell anyone but it's one of the games in Last Call BBS


You can rebind inputs on a per-game basis through the steamdeck's gaming UI. Hit the controller icon on a game's page.

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Edit:  Submissions are now closed! Thanks to everyone who submitted their projects, we'll be in touch with folks reagarding inclusion in the bundle shortly. 

Hey Community!

We're working on another Selects Bundle tentatively scheduled for later this month and I wanted to invite you to submit your game!

Some ground rules:

  • We won't be able to include every game submitted (we have space for 3-5 projects)
  • We can only include paid games, so please don't submit free or non-game projects
  • We can only accept one game per developer so please only submit one project.

I'll keep this thread open for a few days so you don't have to submit immediately, don't wait around.


Good catch, fixed it!


Oh jeez ok, sorry jeez this is embarrassing.

Please don't tell the lawyers, ok?

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Update: Submissions are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their projects for consideration and we'll be contacting the selected developers shortly. 

Hi Community!

We’re working on another edition of our Selects bundle series and we’re opening it up to the community! For the next week we’re accepting submissions to join the bundle through this forum post!

The terms of the bundle are our standard:

  • Bundle will run for one week in early February (final dates TBD)
  • Bundle will include 6-8 games
  • The bundle will be sold at a fixed price of $6-10 (final price TBD) with each developer earning an even revenue share. 

If this sounds up your alley you can respond to this thread (replies will be hidden) but please only submit games you have the rights to distribute. If you know a game that would be perfect for the bundle you can send them this post but please don’t submit their projects for consideration. 

Please keep in mind that this bundle is only for video games and that we won’t be able to include every game submitted.  

If you have any questions you can email me at Spencer(at) or reply to this topic.

Note: We're trying something different this time, this topic is in restricted view mode and you will only be able to see your own posts.

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Edit: Thank you to everyone who submit their games for consideration. We'll be reaching out to the games we're including in the bundle shortly. If your game isn't chosen you can always set a discount for your project during the Winter Sale or set up a co-op bundle.

Hi community!

We’re working on our annual holiday sale, and as a component of it we’re looking to run one of our Selects bundles. This time we’re doing an open call to all interested developers to submit their games for inclusion. 

Here are the details:

  • The bundle will run from December 17th to 31st, alongside the sale. 
  • Each participating developer will receive an even share of the revenue
  • Final pricing and lineup TBD but we’re looking to launch at $6-10 with 6-8 games. 

We are looking for 5-8 more games to join the promotion so we won’t have room to include everyone who submits their games. For this particular bundle we're looking to include only paid games (no free projects/ non-gaming content). To submit post in this thread with a URL of the game you’d like to include from the account that owns its game page. 

We’ll be accepting submissions until Monday December 7th at 10am PT.

Examples of previous bundles:

Summer 2019

Winter 2019


Hey all,

We're trying something a little different for Black Friday this year. From Midnight Pacific Time on 11/27 to Midnight on 11/28 (basically, the entirety of Black Friday) we're giving our portion of each sale to you, the developers. You won't have to change any settings and things will revert back to your normal revenue share after the event. 

In addition to this we're running a sale throughout the weekend from Friday at Midnight to Monday at 10am PT. Please note that the revenue share changes are not live for the whole sale, only for Black Friday. All you have to do to take part is set your games on sale (Here's a convenient link with the dates already filled in). You can also put your games into a bundle, or if you want to team up with some friends you can make a co-op bundle.

As always, a large part of the success of this promotion will come from social media so feel free to tweet, post, or share your games and projects so we (and others) can find them.


There's no option for that right now, but we're working on more ways for people to be able to sort the content from the bundle.


Hey FT crew,

Can you reply with this to the overarching thread rather than as a reply to this post? Our script is only pulling games from top-level comments and we don't want to miss you!


It looks like the links are fine now, thanks for updating them!


Hey, it looks like your links all go to the Bear Acquaintances page. Can you edit your post with the correct links so our script is able to pick up all 3 projects.


Hey Zwi, can you reply to the main thread with dorfromantik from the Toukana account? 


Hey Diwata, can you edit your post so it directly links to your games' product pages? We're running a script to collect all of the games and I want to make sure we don't miss yours.


Hey it looks like your link to Mastermind is point toward Benjamin of Blackstone Edge, can you update the post with the proper link so our script can include Mastermind?


Hey Speak the Sky, it looks like both links in your post go to the page for skyscrapers. Can you edit your post with the proper link for Over The Moon so our script can include it?


Hey TwineDoctors, can you edit your post to include the direct links to both of the projects (instead of the sale page) so our script can scrape them?


Hey it looks like the links for both games are pointing at the same page (the Steal This Game page). To make sure our script doesn't miss Your Body an Altar, can you edit the link in your post to point to the right page? 


Hey Adam,

Looks like both links go to No Stone Unturned. Can you update your post so the script we're running will grab both games?


Hey Allie,

Thanks for the support! Due to the huge outpouring of support we can only feature a few projects per creator. Could you edit your post down to ~3 projects you want to include?


Hey Ben,

Thanks for your support. Unfortunately we have to limit the number of projects per person. Can you edit your post down to ~3 projects you want to include?


Hey Owch, 

Looks like the links for Palace and Waters are messed up. We're going to run a script to pull all of the urls linked, so can you edit the post to fix the links?


We'll have a link to the bundle on the front page that you can send folks to once it's live on Friday.


Hey Riley,

Can you respond with the links to those projects? The response has been so massive we're going to have to run a script to grab the links from posts and I want to make sure we don't miss you.


Thanks for volunteering so many games. Is it possible to edit the list down to 3-5 games you want to put forward?


We'll make it clear on the bundle page that external keys won't be included, but removing mention to the Steam keys on your page will make for more consistent messaging. That said it's up to you if you want to edit your page.


I'm going to guess at what Phantom is saying (as I think it's the same update I want, but Phantom correct me if I'm wrong) but I'd love to be able to have a second container under collections that I could expand/collapse. This could look like:

Collection: Ship exterior

Sub-collection: Dialogue
Write for Character A
Write for Character B

Sub-Collection: Visuals
Visual Asset for Character A
Visual Asset for Character B

Sub-Collection: Music
Talk to Musician
Send money for invoice
Add File

Hopefully that helps convey our (my?) point.


Hey everyone!

The response so far has been awesome, but we've got to cut submissions off sometime.

I'll do one final export of the submissions at the end of business tomorrow (Thursday 11/7 Pacific Time) so please fill out the form if you're interested!


That shouldn't be an issue. As long as the email you gave is somehow associated with the account we can use it to verify that you're associated with the game.


Hey Steven

We're accepting tabletop games in either print-and-play or TTRPG format. So long as you have the rights to distribute the projects, and it doesn't require outside resources (like additional rulesets or proprietary dice) it's fair game.


For this first bundle I'd prefer to keep things self-contained so customers won't have to have or buy outside content, but feel free to submit your supplement and I'll check it out.


Feel free to submit as many projects as you like!

Admin (1 edit)

UPDATE: The Interest Check is now closed! The response has been great (over 100 folks submitted games!) and I'm blown away by the community's enthusiasm. I'll be going through the responses and reaching out to selected developers in the next few days. 

Howdy Tabletop devs and fans!

I’m Spencer from, and I want your help. 

I’m working on an upcoming bundle (think something similar to the Halloween Bundle) but exclusively made of tabletop games. Because this is the first time we’re doing something like this, I wanted to come to the community for input. 

My goal is to get a survey of who’s interested in taking part in a bundle. If you want to join in, please fill out this Google Form but keep the following in mind:

  • Please respond with YOUR PROJECTS only. Don’t sign someone else’s game up that you think would be a good fit. 
  • Only respond with projects that you have the rights to distribute 
  • This is for tabletop projects only, this means no video games, soundtracks, or other content. Sorry! (Don’t worry, we’ll have another bundle for you soon)
  • There are limited spots available in this bundle, so not everyone who fills out the form will be included. 

We’re looking to run the bundle around the end of November, so we’ll leave the form up for around a week and then start contacting interested developers from there. 

If there are games from other developers you’d love to see in the bundle feel free to send them a link to this post or link their projects in a response below. 

If you have any questions or feedback you can email me directly at Spencer(AT) or respond directly to this post. 


Ahh, thanks for the clarification Slashie. That's an important point!


I don't think so, but Hoky is also great!


Hey Cade, 

We've gotten a few requests for a feature like this, but I doubt it'll be ready in time for next Friday. That said-- you can manually change what percentage of each sale goes to from your dashboard and then change it back at the end of the day.


Thanks for catching this. We're looking into it now!