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Im using version 12.1 and you can change the number way above max storage in game i think the max is 9 numbers. every time i put 10 plus it would go back to 0 in game.

ive made a map, took about 4 hrs this is the first time ive ever mad a map for any game so it may not be the best but i tried my best. The inspiration is from me google-ling pictures of islands. i left a large open area at the bottom of the main island for you to build at and also a small section on the left of the map. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the map here is the download link on One Drive.!Ajv-EqcW_LfThm4VPeULdxTskRrf the download button is on the top of the page. Feedback welcomed.

The game by its self is amazing, and I think that if the community started to make custom maps and things like that the game would get more attention. One question I had is if the developer(s) Would be ok with the community doing that and sharing custom mad maps. There is a map editor already on this website which is unofficial FYI.