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Fossil Hunters community · Created a new topic crawlers

I love the premise of this game, but I don't feel like the crawlers add much, they're just really annoying. the lamps are so narrow you need practically dozens of them to keep crawlers away from your fossils, and it's frustrating to have all your hard work erased so quickly by those little jerks. why do they eat fossils anyway? at least put a sort of peaceful mode option to turn them off or something if you don't want to remove them entirely.

sorry to necropost but I'm pretty sure she dies if you watch channel 13 on the TV

so I ended up changing the dash button from K to right shift to try to use the arrow keys only when I needed to dash up and right (which is a really awful setup but I was desperate to play this awesome game), but as it turns out all the directions work just fine with WASD when dash is right shift? I did try downloading the openGL version to see if that would help (it didn't) so I have no idea if this works on the other Windows version, but if you're having this problem try setting dash to a different button and see if it works I guess

I tried to change the controls so that K is dash (since that's what I've got it set to on Hollow Knight) and moving uses WASD, but I can't dash at all while holding W and D. I can dash in every other direciton using WASD, but not up and to the right at the same time. I can dash up and right using the arrow keys, but obvs I can't switch to arrow keys every time I want to dash that way and I suck at using arrow keys as movement controls. help?

nevermind I found it it's on one of the arches

how do you get the key in the button room? I've tried just about everything I can think of but I can't find it