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I am VERY late to the party here, but I did enjoy this game. The horror atmosphere was done so well, that I seriously didn't want to walk around😂😂
Nice job Geoff!

Yo, even though this game was short, it was quite the experience. I enjoyed this so much! And that ending had me disturbed😂😂


I can't wait to see what all is added in the full game. I'm not sure what is was about this game, but just running around in it had me feeling hype lol. Please keep up the hard work!!😎

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Yo, I'm seriously loving the idea of this game. Please keep working on this project, I would really love to see how you'll expand upon it. It's a bit hard for me to critique the game when it's still a demo, so I know you already have some plans for what all you wanna do with the game. I know that you probably won't remember, but do let me know when the full version of this game comes out. I'd love to upload it!!!


Yo... idk what it was about this game. But it unlocked this level of anxiety I didn't know I could feel😂😂

This game, has to be one of the best simulators I've played!!!😂😂

Seriously though, please keep developing games. Because this was a lot more entertaining then I thought lol

This game was pretty good. Although I somewhat bypassed finding the code by guessing it😅And the only "problem" I had was whenever you run, the flashlight points to the ground. But that wasn't a real problem, I was just rushing since I was scared lol

no problem, thank you for making it!!!😎

I feel like this game was pretty good. I didn't really have much trouble moving the objects, like a lot of other people lol

I feel like the idea of something like this is perfect. Trying to escape from the imposter and what not. But, I'm sure you got enough critiques about this so I won't do the same😅 

Now, I'm a bit late to the party here lol. But this game was AMAZING!!! From the cool intro animation, to the nice art style of the game, and the intense gameplay. I was absolutely STRESSED when that man was chasing me 😂😂 But seriously good job with this!

See...I recorded this back during version 1.2... But I still had fun. This game was a bit challenging at first. But when I figured out how to make her hide, it was all in the bag lol

You... are.... pure EVIL, for making this "game" lol. And it doesn't help that after I recorded this, I decided to look at everyone elses reactions. AND THEY DIDN'T REALLY GET SCARED. It just made me realize how much of a wimp I am😅😅

Now I doubt you'll see my comment lol but to repeat what I said at the end of the video. I really enjoyed playing this game, and hit my line if and when the full game comes out lol

Thanks so much! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed!!😁

I left a short message for you at the end of the gameplay (at 16:45), and a short message of encouragement in the description, But in case you don't want to look at those, PLEASE KEEP DEVELOPING THIS GAME! This is such a great game, and I seriously LOVE the 3D aspect that you've made!

I just HAD to play both episodes in one video. These games were really good!

I know this was short, and there was only one ending... but I do really hope that you update it like you said you might do! Because this game could go in so many different directions😎

Now I went into this game thinking it wasn't gonna scare me for real..... but it somehow did anyways lol


I have played and gotten ALL THE ENDINGS... or at least I think I did😅

I also played that open house simulator a while ago, before I played this. So that secret ending had me really hype lol

This game had the most uneasiest atmosphere I have experienced!!

I also think I found the house faster than I should've...😅😅

This game was really good, I'm just mad that I spent so much time trying to code those squares, and ended up doing it wrong lol😭

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I just HAD to make the greatest video, for the greatest game!😂

I just played this, and this island.... definitely disturbed me lol

This game had to be one of the most uneasiest experiences ive had!! Thanks so much for developing this, and I do plan on playing more of your games

No problem, thanks for creating it!😁

I wasn't expecting this to be an escape room game, even though you said that there will be puzzles lol. But I actually enjoyed it, and was surprised that my video has as many views as it does.😅

Seriously, this was the first game to ever have me really shook. I almost stopped playing halfway through lol

Well I'm hyped to be apart of the lucky few that unlocked it!😁

Yo Brian! Thanks so much for reaching out to me to play another one of your games. I definitely had support you on kickstarter, can't wait for the game!

I also managed to unlock the computer 😎

I first thought that this was a straight forward game... until I was hit with this huge mystery I couldn't solve lol. However, I did manage to get the "Good Ending". So that's good

I always enjoyed fishing mini-games in the games that I played. So this was pretty much right up my alley!! lol

The story had me too involved for me to not get all of the endings lol

I actually really enjoyed this game, and can't wait to see more games you share on here!

Thank YOU for making it! :)

This game was my first experience with a SCP game... and I did enjoy it lol

No problem!

I'm not too sure, but I think I got all three endings lol. But short or not, I enjoyed the game :)

I was just hurt that there was such an interesting story, with a short game lol. But I still enjoyed it nonetheless. So do keep up the work

aw no need to thank me lol. Thank YOU for making such a good game!😁