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This game was my first experience with a SCP game... and I did enjoy it lol

No problem!

I'm not too sure, but I think I got all three endings lol. But short or not, I enjoyed the game :)

I was just hurt that there was such an interesting story, with a short game lol. But I still enjoyed it nonetheless. So do keep up the work

aw no need to thank me lol. Thank YOU for making such a good game!😁

This game made me feel like I was in danger at all times lol. Very nicely done, and I do hope to see more projects from you!


This game had a pretty interesting concept, I just had to get down on some gameplay of it!

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I couldn't help but notice everyone getting scared from this game, so I had to try my hand at it. lmao

This game was actually fire lol. I enjoyed playing this game alot, and I do hope that you continue to make more projects. Because I sure would love to play some more

This game felt quite refreshing. HOWEVER, I was too dumb to realize there was a flashlight. So my gameplay is pretty dark lol

I had to play, and upload the infamous Slay Bells, on Christmas day. Seriously though, props to you Blake McKinnon. This game was seriously good!

Even though the game was short, it still disturbed me lol. I even managed to get both endings :)

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I definitely had a good time playing this, it wasn't what I was expecting at all. Do keep up the good work!!

So I just HAD to try out the game but... I didnt think it was gonna be that hard

Hey there, a fellow youtuber told me about your game. So I just HAD to make a video showing my reactions to it, I hope you enjoy.