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Spazz the Stampede

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As creepy as this experience was, I did honestly enjoy it lol

That had to have been the most unexpected boss fight I experienced in a while😂😂

I was definitely was sleeping on this game, I'm glad I gave this game a chance... even though it was kinda hard lol

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Yo Aaron... now you KNOW you're an absolute villain for this game fam!! lol

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I honestly didn't expect to be scared this many times in a single game lol


This game was actually pretty good, I even came up with my own head cannon that the bird was responsible for it all😅😅

I really like the concept of this one and can't wait to see more is added later

The big question I had after had playing this game was...

"There's a whole man standing there, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?"

I never thought I needed a sequel to this game.... UNTIL I GOT ONE lol

I'm running late on the trilogy😅

However after what I experienced from this first game, I WILL be playing all 3 of these games!!

This game had me on edge probably more than it should have lol

Bruh, this game was actually WAY scarier than it lead me to believe 😭😭

I'm just sayin... imagine tryina get to ya car... and a WHOLE DEMON comes at you lol

Yo since this game was a school project, I honestly hope you passed!😎

This game DEFINITILY took a turn that I wasn't ready for, but I still enjoyed it regardless!

This was quite the game, definitely no snakes in the hotel, no snakes in the game, no snakes at all. Thanks for the experience!
...sekans s'ereht 

Unfortunately because I’m “totally a professional YouTuber”, I forgot to charge my camera batteries and wasn’t able to actually win lol. But I still enjoyed it despite me ending with an L

This gotta be the most active horror game I've played so far. Nice job!!

I remember playing this game last year. It managed to scare me back then, and it did even more this time around!

Keep it up, these games are always a treat to play😎😎

The gameplay was not only funny, but actually pretty fire😂 Let no one say this isn't more fire than the recent CODs that came out lol

This game was really good, ESPECIALLY since I was actually hit with a jumpscare that made me yell😂😂 Keep up the hard work, I'd definitely be down to play more!!

This game had me so immersed, I forgot halfway through the game that it started with just a slide in the woods. Great Job!!

Yo Kyle fam, keep up the good work! This game was constructed sooo nicely and I'm hoping to play more bangers from you.😎😎

lol took me a little time at the beginning because I didn't read any instruction😅😅 But I still had fun!!


(It was the first of 2 mods I played) I think the graphics were amazing, I just wish that I could increase the diffulty😅

I'm not gonna lie, I almost gave up at the end lol. Because I didn't know I was supposed to stare at him to stop him. So I came up with a way to out run him😅

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Even though the game wasn't as scary as other games I've played. It still managed to do the job lol. Especially in the maze at the end!

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This game wasn't that bad. And it was the perfect amount of play time, it gave me a chance to get both endings in one session!😎

lol I only played everything on hard mode

I had a way easier time on week 6. I lost like 3 times on Roses and 5 times on Thorns. But I lost for 30 minutes straight on Milf😭

yee, that was absolute stress lol

This is the second Friday Night Funkin video I've made, But this has seriously have to be the best rhythm game that has ever came out!

Yo Korpus... this game was absolute FIRE!!! I like the slight twist of me and the Janitor helping each other out (or at least what my little theory was lol). I thought we would have to sit in one spot and play the arcade game, but this.... this is just nice! I can't wait for that full game!!😎😎

I am VERY late to the party here, but I did enjoy this game. The horror atmosphere was done so well, that I seriously didn't want to walk around😂😂
Nice job Geoff!

Yo, even though this game was short, it was quite the experience. I enjoyed this so much! And that ending had me disturbed😂😂


I can't wait to see what all is added in the full game. I'm not sure what is was about this game, but just running around in it had me feeling hype lol. Please keep up the hard work!!😎

Yo... idk what it was about this game. But it unlocked this level of anxiety I didn't know I could feel😂😂