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This is the error I get after unzipping - opening the Game (SFW version. macOS Big Sur 11.7)

Mac version seems to crash on startup. If opened in the folder it comes with, it prompts the user to move it to a different folder, and if moved out of the folder, it complains about not being to access any of the pngs/etc needed for the game.

Holy crap that was fun... before I gave up after that hjaqseeezzzreexit stage to take a break.
I couldn't find a way to quit the game properly though. The mouse cursor doesn't allow you to select the X button on macOS easily since you can't see what you're clicking. Might want to check that out - unless there was a pause menu that allows you to return to the main menu which I couldn't find.

Works on Wine 2.20 32 bit, macOS Sierra