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I couldn't finish the first set of wall jumps because I would invariably pull away from the wall at the very end. There didn't seem to be any alternate path either. The narration sounds good though, even if the volume caught me off guard at first.

I couldn't figure out the boss and the text box opening every death got kind of annoying, but the sounds were good.

You should take a look at the menu. Maybe order something.  It's rude to enter a restaurant and just sit there.

I'd totally leave this game open and just listen to its music.

I couldn't find a win scenario, but I think the game is best  without one.

Sometimes multiple narrator sounds play at once, but other than that it was good.

Yeah, I can tell from the other comments that this is clearly a problem on my end. If I'm the only one with the problem, rating would be unfair.

I can't get the game to work. I've downloaded a number of times from both this page and the page on the main game page. Every time all I get it to do is show a message that's headed "Central Station" but then asks "Victim's house: Do you wanna go there?" After closing that message, pressing I crashes.

We have only 2 rates so far.

I wish it had higher levels, but it was enjoyable.

We came up with the menu idea pretty early. Once the pun name was proposed, the restaurant theme just fell into place.

Is it okay to use 2D Extras to create rule tiles in Unity? It's not an asset package, but makes arranging existing tile assets easier to arrange, such as setting rules for when to put shore tiles so you can just paint in the water without worrying about the edges.

The buttons can be hard to use and sometimes feel pixel perfect. Sometimes after struggling with that, I'd start the game already dead. The retry button doesn't appear to work and doesn't disappear if you manage to move to a different screen. Very buggy, low-effort game.