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I played the basics of the game didn't know if there was more to it or  not but I liked it for what I did play, make a full game about this I say!

Twas a neat little game that I enjoyed. Only thing I have to complain about is it's controls on the mob, could be done easier perhaps!

It was something short and I wasn't expecting the spooks in this. I'd love to see more of this if it's possible to do so.
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The game is something different, it wasn't bad but weird. I like its direction and style, I just wasn't expecting genitals at all. It's short and quick and overall was fun But got me. 

The game was fun for how short it is. I would love to see more of this. The only thing I didn't like was Mr. Hopp's AI with how it was random or would stay agroed on the character. Besides that fantastic!

To Late for Christmas...| Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski: Christmas Curse

This is my take from it, it's still glitched up

This isn't something of the main AEVS but a fan game sometime made of it and requested I do. It was alright Tho could use some fixes. Also praying it here as this is a fan game of a fan game. 

Revenge is not as I saw it.... | Advanced Education: Fit of Rage

The game feels like a mix between Baldi and Viktor with the gameplay and the environment, it's a much better clone compared to alot of Baldi clones and I'd love to see more done with it, keep up the good work buddy!

Also, does any one have the map for level 2, I could use it.

I'M BACK!!! 

And have returned to say. Level 2 is difficult for me, I don't got a map for it, marzia is a bit more difficult to tell where it's compared to viktor, the art room is nice I like it and phony, but jeez did marzia makes me scream from opening a door.

The game was alright, but could use a few fixes, the enemies after the first few waves bombard you and it's hard to fight them back, neat game but needs a little work. This was the last game I played in this video.

It's a neat game but causes some stress with the time limit, it's similar to a few things you had to do in the game Fahrenheit, cleaning up the bathroom of the dead body or your apartment before the police or someone notices, it's a good game but could use a few indications on what is intractable and what isn't. This was the third game I played in the video. 

It's a neat game, similar to the puppet master from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion or Slender where you have to look at the enemy, it coul be added on from what it is now, this was the second game I played in this video.

The game reminds me a lot of contra with the controls and game play, it's a cool game that I would like to see more done with!

Well thank you very much

The game was fun tho needs a little product placement for one to record. It was fun tho a bit confusing as the doors can be glitched shut for some reason.

This was the last game I played.

This game was odd to the highest of the what the fuck factor and I love it. II hope to see the rest of the game developed it was great.

This was the second game I played

The game is alright but it could use more warning when being attacked, I was reading one of the notes an died out of nowhere no warning and as well a checkpoint would be nice as well.

This was the first game I played

This game is slow, it's not bad bit the movement is slow and I couldn't run what so ever and it made it a bit of a rag. I liked it fro it's concept but the running and the aiming of the gun could be worked on. This was the last game I played.

Simple little game that take a slight bit more strategy than I few thought. The concept is neat an if made into a full game and longer sotry it woul be fantastic I think.This was the third game I played.

This game is quick an easy to pick up and understand. The only problem I see is the time it takes to cure some patients. Besides that the game is great and would love more. This was the second game I played.

Small little game that is very fun, I would keep playing this but I couldn't with a few problems. After a little while only big guys started to come and it made it to difficult, besides that the game was great. This was the first game I played.

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The game is silly and fun but also at the same time frustrating to control. The aspect of it is there and is very good but check points could help the game greatly, I stated that in the body, this was the least game I played and I did rage from or, minor rage but rage non the less.

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The game was a nice little puzzle game from the puzzles, the look of the game, and the little potato men. I'd love to see this extended further to add more difficulty to the mix. This was the third game I played.

Cutesy game that I thought would be much worse but it was very tame. The game has a few glitches, if you die a few times the little guys stop spawning, this was the second game I played.

The game is different to say bad and good about it, the concept is neat an the game was fun but it has the shock factor with the actual fetus an the bit of nudity which I had censored to the best of my abilities, all n all it's a neat game. It's the first game I played.

I spent the most time with this game, I like the sense of seriousness it gives you as you have to get to the hospital, the controls were nice but were slightly slippery, I'd love to see more done with this. This was the last game I played. 

The game was comedic and fun, I enjoyed it greatly and would love to see a level based game made from this to be a even bigger game. This was the second game I played.

The game was interesting for the game jam, tho was a bit difficult to understand a few things with out spending too much time looking for small interactables. This was the first game I played.

I had never played PT and when I saw this I had hope and when I went into I got what I expected it is very well made, small glitch here or there but besides that it was fantastic and can't wait to see it finished up.

I gave up after a few minutes of the cut scene the game tries to hard to be a ps1 kind of game. it was the last game I played 

It was pretty good tho the chainsaw wielded by one of the family members is laughably o, I'll say that. this was the third game I played 

I couldn't really tell what I was suppose to do, it was unsettling for a moment til I figured the creature didn't really do anything to hurt you besides stand there.

It was short and simple, I liked it tho wish there was a bit more to the game, it was only two minutes long. 

It was the first one I played

last game I played.... I didn't get what I was suppose to do 

Third game I played, I liked it and would love for it to be further pushed and made to something great 

2nd game I played it was fun and a slight bit challenging but I had to just keep my cool.

Mom caught me it wasn't good. It was pretty fun for what it was, I especially liked the images for the laptop 

It was a neat little game that I could play for hours if I had spare time, I kinda wish there as more to it, like put it on a bun and if it would have cheese or no cheese.

It was the last game I played.