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I had never played PT and when I saw this I had hope and when I went into I got what I expected it is very well made, small glitch here or there but besides that it was fantastic and can't wait to see it finished up.

I gave up after a few minutes of the cut scene the game tries to hard to be a ps1 kind of game. it was the last game I played 

It was pretty good tho the chainsaw wielded by one of the family members is laughably o, I'll say that. this was the third game I played 

I couldn't really tell what I was suppose to do, it was unsettling for a moment til I figured the creature didn't really do anything to hurt you besides stand there.

It was short and simple, I liked it tho wish there was a bit more to the game, it was only two minutes long. 

It was the first one I played

last game I played.... I didn't get what I was suppose to do 

Third game I played, I liked it and would love for it to be further pushed and made to something great 

2nd game I played it was fun and a slight bit challenging but I had to just keep my cool.

Mom caught me it wasn't good. It was pretty fun for what it was, I especially liked the images for the laptop 

It was a neat little game that I could play for hours if I had spare time, I kinda wish there as more to it, like put it on a bun and if it would have cheese or no cheese.

It was the last game I played.

The game is fun, comedic, and different. The aspect of bashing your head on a plant to stay awake is funny on it's own, that and robots coming to bash yor had to dream land.

It's the second game I played.

The game is too dark to see anything and I couldn't find where to go, I had no idea what I was doing and it wasn't as fun to play as I had the impression of how it would be. 

It's the first game I played.

the game needs a bit larger range of the field of view, not having a large area to see doesn't make the game that fun to me, I played about a minute of it and didn't care for it, I;m not trying to be mean of it, it was the second game I played.

I liked this game a lot, it was short, to the point, didn't need much of directions, keep going my dude. This was the last game I played.

Odd little game but fun in it's own way, tho has a few glitches that need to be touched upon. it was the third game I played

This game is something different and has some flaws, it doesn't give any notice of what to do at the beginning, it needs to have a bit more work to it, tho it seems to be a fad game. 

I don't have much to say, I didn't let him commit death. First game I played. 

Fun little game that made me laugh, reminded me of pikmin and was just and overall joy of a game. this is the second game I played. 

I copouldn't figure oout where to go or what to do, this was the last game I played. 

I beat viktor and told my strategy on how to do it, could be better but hey, this is how I did it, and let's keep it going.

I got something special for you all tomorrow

I can't even describe what I felt, I was also kind of drained when I got to this game, it was weird, but a fun weird, I could see a game with this with objectives in mind. 

Hot Pot community · Created a new topic thoughts and video

It was a neat but odd little game, it was difficult to get the ingredients into the pot, but it was fun non the less.

The game was different, aswell as pretty short compared to other games on here, I'd love to see more done with the game.

gae was neat, a bit odd at first and a bit short but it was fun for what it was.

I keep trying and I keep getting closer, but it's the luck of the draw, and if you can use a few exploits that are given to ya. I will beat this soon, and then I can rest for a day before raging at level two, or trying the Albert ending. Anyway here's the video, tell me your thoughts. 

Tomorrow, I'll be gpoing again, and this time, I plan to beat Viktor and then get Albert

I was so close to beating level 1 but I kept screwing up majorly, I hope to beat it soon, I got a straegy down so now it's just patience and luck of the draw.

Neither did I, I thought I was gonna give up after getting past the windows of enemies but I got there, might aswell have finished it.

I had never played resident evil 4 so I don't know besides the likeness of Leon and the girl I don't know much else, I liked the game it was fun and it has a good length to it from one level, I think adding chapters to it would make it better and last longer for playtime, it's the last game in this video I did.

The game is short but fun, tho I don't sound like that in the video it was fun and I enjoyed it and I hope to see more of Grampy Katz or a bigger game from this small one, it's the second game I did in this video.

It was fun but kind of short, the premise is nice and I could see more done with this with more people and different scenario based backgrounds. But it was short so it's added with a bundle video.

New playthrough, I'm obligated to0 play this now, let's do this.

It was very beautiful and straight forward, tho a bit short, I'd love to see more done to it with more aspects done to it.

The game was something, more fear inducing than Baldi, tho grandma scared me the most next to the slightly dark corridors, it was great, and will play again.

The demo was good for what I played so far of it, it's a lengthy one compared to others that I've seen where it's about ten minutes or less, a few complaints but nothing bad. I liked it quite a bit.

It was fun, short but fun, I would like to see more hashed out from it if possible and see what you come up with.

different version of citizen burger, abit of an odd game but could be worked out more I think.

The game was different, reminding me of the commodore 64 in how it did it's games, it was fun and the voices were creepy on there own for me, and I liked it, but raged at the boss.

It was a good little game I thought, it gave me chills and a sense of uneasy(In a good way) would love to see more done with it if you were to do so.