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I hate it

10/10 would die again

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Really fun!

Just add more, the enemy´s get boring quick and the weapons arent really that exciting.

Has potential tho.

This is so cute :3 It actually had me having fun solving these equations!

The time limit makes it kinda stressy and the fact that you have to move your mouse so fast all over the screen is kindoff annoying.

I had fun tho!

Yay, those seem like some good changes!

But what if you have no ammo left? Will you get a melee weapon, will you be helpless until you find more ammo or will you just switch guns? I would like the second one ;)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Hey, thats pretty fun!

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This is really awesome!

It reminds me a bit of a top down DOOM with the "shoot all the f**king monsters with ALL the guns!" I also liked the paralax effect you made for the map! (Also can we take a moment to appreciate the music?)

Things I would change are make it easier to switch weapons, number keys did not work for me... And just add more stuff, more enemies like ones that charge to you in straight lines, enemies that shoot back at you and big "boss" zombies that take long to kill, more weapons like a long range sniper and maybe powerups? I could see speed, damage or health powerups fitting in nicely with the rest of the game!

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Highscore 80

Anyways its simple but I really like it!

I like this! Even the graphics and all...

But it seems to crash every so often...

Really cool game!

I would like to see more things added but the problem is that you shouldnt add more things! This game has only 1 attack which means that it isnt about combos and all that stuff but about playing mind games with your opponent, and that makes it really fun!

Anyways I made A discord server...

Huh... This was EXACTLY what I was thinking.

Also about the editor I get a bug where I can not remove red objects... And why cant we delete or change levels we already created?

Holy... this new update is awesome!

Also that trail is really subtle but thats so cool.

Thanks for adding the level editor!

Highscore: 1918

This is pretty fun!

This is genius!

Like graphics wise its what you would except from the 1H game jam, but gameplay wise its fantastic!

Wow... I love this game!

The TV aesthetic, channel 7 ;), the story, its all so good!


Glad to see you work on this!

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300% speed no hat                                                                                                                                                                            This is really difficult, I mean, how do you get that score without the hat?!

Jokes aside I really like this!

That would be really cool!

Dash Dodge community · Created a new topic How to improve?
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So... this is a great game and I think I have some ideas that really could make this a game that many people would like playing!

First of all, maybe add some lines on the ground or some way atleast to change movement way like one where you cant go left right but can jump instead or one where you are constantly pulled to the middle.

So also, (if you can because I know this will be VERY hard to make) make a level editor! Here you could make levels by placing obstacles and play them and maybe you could upload them :)

I think that if you implement those (if you can) and other peoples ideas if they have some, this could be a BIG game!

Man this is cool!

My favorite game in the jam so far! I like how you only have 2 buttons to press but theres good timing needed so it doesnt become too easy!

Wow! This is great with graphics and (except for level 4) level design, I also really like the style of humor you have here, with the prologue and the Mario parody things!

Huh... I had an idea for a puzzle platformer where you had a slider to change gravity but thought that would be too much work for 1 week...

Anyways, I like this!

Thanks :)

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I think you can just get a png image and then when uploading the game, theres a place where you can select it.

(I think thats it, dont kill me if it doesnt work)

plasma girlfriend who supports fishing simulators...

I love it!

I like this :)

Simple, but I like this.

I really like the idea!

It needs some polish tho.

I like it but... am I supposed to NOT die every 2 seconds?!

Huh, this is simple, but feels great to play! Just update the graphics (a lot) and this will be great!

I really like this! 

Not that im good at it tho xD

I like it but its too easy :/

Maybe make it all move faster or increase the chance for mess to spawn and decrease the chance for stars to spawn.

I like this :)

I really like this! Its like an arcade style game that draws A TON of inspiration from legend of zelda but it still feels modern! Also the instructions say space for shoot...

Bow/ boomerang update anyone?

... Wow, do you already have this?! Thats awesome!

You know your doing good when you cant even get the animations to work :/