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Love it!  The music and sound made me smile the whole time.  Thanks!

send me an email at    If you want to connect me to the game via Unity Team or GitHub, I could connect an FMOD project to it!

Might take you up on that!  It’s built in Unity?

Nice.  Works really well for an hour game!  I'd love to see the shapes synced to music.  The shapes could each have their own harmony.  It took me a minute to realize that I hit the number buttons to fire the respective bullets but after that the game was smooth.

Wow!  This is an amazingly well polished and fun game, especially for a LD!  Nice work.

Holy moly.  I've gotta make another game now!  :P

Very nice!  How did you get the music to be specific to each room?  Did Bitsy get an added music feature?  I have made a few with music but always had to do the trick where you load a YouTube video behind it by altering the HTML code.

Very tense.  One of those experiences where everything would be heightened to pure terror if a murderer just suddenly walks into the room towards you.  Definitely captured the tone of Suspiria/Inferno.  Nice!

Wow!  Thank you.  This is one of my favorite things that I’ve made so it made my day to see your post. Thanks again!  <3

Aw Thanks!! ! <3

I loved seeing the progress of this game!  

Hey Adam!  I don't think I ever posted mine to be added to the collection!  Here they are!

Really liked the atmosphere and music.  Enjoyed the use of the theme to write an erotic story about romance with the moon.  

Thanks!! <3  I appreciate you playing and enjoying it!!!

Oh my!  Loved this.  For some reason it reminded me a bit of Gary Panter's work.  Very creative.

Loved the frame and the world.  Great game! <3

:( I'll befriend the fox!

Very unique!  Loved your creativity in world building.

Thank you!  I appreciate you playing it! <3

Haha.  Unexpected ending.  :P <3

I like how you used the snow as a double theme for psychological distress.  Very nice.  The music also started to ramp up at just the right times.  I love messing with music in bitsy because it's a fun challenge to make something that lines up with the story vaguely enough that it always sounds good but if it lines up with the pace of the player, it really enhances the experience.  Loved it.

Great art.   Loved the way that you animated the theme of the site to make the game screen feel bigger.  

Wow.  A masterpiece in bitsy form.   Great game in every way.  The use of the theme was incredibly heart breaking and the tone throughout steeped me in the tragedy of the story.  Great music.  I felt that the music ending early worked really well, too.  The silence emphasized the emptiness that I felt.  Amazing!!! Best I've played, yet!

My favorite of the jam so far.  You achieved an amazing sense of scale and the feeling of helplessness at the end was earned.  Great job!!

That reveal actually made me jump a bit!  Loved it! <3

This. Is. The. CUTEST! <3

Nice try!  You tried to trick me into staying in that Xmaze but that reindeer betrayed you and told me where the secret door is.

I agree.  At first, I didn't even notice that there was a character on screen.   Very unique.

Really enjoy the footprints.  I definitely covered the whole ground with them before I quit.  :P

I love that unexpected ending!  I like imagining the sound of snowfall distilling down to the sound of television snow/white noise.  Very cool.

Yep, that’s the end!  Thanks for playing. And thank you!  I was worried that the composition was a bit too intense but I’m glad I didn’t play it safe. Making the music was fun, which is good because I’ve been struggling to enjoy the process. :D

You should be able to go back the edge of the screen and hit left and you’ll get to the next area.

And thanks!!!!  :D <3 <3

You find yourself stuck at a toll booth... Unfortunately,  the fact that it's automated and that it only has one lane is the least of your concerns...

This is based on a true story... Well.  I got stuck at a toll booth like this for 5 or 6 minutes and I came up with this scenario.  I then gave it to John Jack Cantey as a writing prompt.  He wrote it during his free time  while directing a new theatre adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Turn your speakers up!

Hey!  Do you need music/sound design for this project?  I like the graphic style and it would be an interesting project for me as a music composer.

Check out my work at

Also check out the music I've done for animation.  Anyway, let me know if I could be of help!

Kurt Roembke

I’m sure they’ll be great for it. I’m excited to see how this project turns out. I really dig the progress so far. 


Do you need sound design/music composition for this project?  It seems like the voxel landscapes and nature theme is a good fit for my music aesthetics.

I can do orchestral music like the music I do often for animations, heard below.

But I can also do more synthesizer based music, or experimental acoustic things as well.  Anyway, let me know if I could help the project out in any way!

Kurt Roembke


Let me make music for you ThanksJamming submission! I need something to keep me sane during the holiday!


Music for animation above!  I also do synth music and can pretty much do any kind of style, or at least, I'm willing to try!