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Spacegirl Roxy

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Great game but the fact that the good or bad ending is tied to two little choices made throughout this 2+ hour long game is kind of ridiculous. That's my only complaint. (Really wanted the good end but just because I thought the Mayor made a bad choice my character decided letting sandmen in was a great idea.) 

Oh god I didn't realize this was a demo. That felt like a full game, I'm so excited to see more!

I feel like maybe some enemy variety? And also you should give your enemies weakpoints, that one was one of the greatest features from Receiver because it helps you save on ammunition if you're good at aiming. Maybe a gun jamming system? You could take apart and clean your gun. Oh! And an enhanced stealth system maybe? Where the drones can't find you if you're hiding well enough. 

I'm interested in this game, but the issue is that you say it's inspired by Receiver when in reality it's pretty much the exact same as receiver.

I'm glad to have been able to purchase this.

Green Bird is a great choice for a song, thank you.

I'd really like more of this please! This was so good!

The link to part 2 doesn't seem to work.

Can you give us some outlook on the game you want to create?

I got stuck in a door and I can't get out :'

I've just discovered this, thinking about buying the first game so I don't miss out on any story.

It would be really cool if there were random bookmarks or photos in the pages of some of the books.

Blood for the blood god, Skulls for the skull throne.

One of the best games I've found on this site so far! Very well made, love the style.