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Awesome little puzzler! Been following your progress on Twitter for a little while. A few puzzles had me scratching my head for a few minutes, looking forward to future updates!

A little feedback if you're interested, I found myself clicking on the mines or buildings to drag, rather than the square under them, maybe the square you're hovering over could be highlighted or something?

In any case, a very smart little game. Well done

Ah rad! Nice series, thanks for including us :)

Thank you! Agreed, we didn't put in much time or thought when mapping the buttons, and could have given a few different options there. Appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for the kind words! Designing levels was one of the more fun aspects of this jam, we would have definitely liked to make a few more had time allowed. Well done on your entry by the way :)

Thanks! And cheers for the feedback. Coin collection and sound effects/music were definitely amongst the next few things we would have worked on if we hadn't run out of time in the jam :)

It is not, sorry. Just here as the jam was hosted here. Will keep that in mind for the future though :)

Thank you! Yep, we definitely have a few more ideas here if we decide to take this project further :)
Cheers for the feedback

Thank you, super happy you liked it!

Thank you! Yep, a lot of this is unfinished due to the time restrictions of a jam, we had a lot we hoped to get in but did not have time for (music and sound, gameover screen, coin collection, more levels and so on). Cheers for the feedback :)

Thanks! Not at this stage, pixel art is a skill set I'll be looking to develop a bit more seriously in the future

Thank you, glad you enjoyed playing! 

Thank you! Control issues will definitely be looked at thoroughly in future projects. Cheers for the feedback :)

Oh wow, Thank you!
And cheers for the feedback. We agree with you about the gameplay, the speed could be reduced or would currently suit larger more spaced out levels. Ground friction noted too.

Sound and music is something we definitely wanted, but weren't able to make time for during the jam. Thanks again :)

Yep, music and sound is definitely something we wanted but didn't make time for in the jam unfortunately. Jumping and controls in general will be ironed out to work better in future projects. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for letting us know, we will make sure we take that into consideration in the future.  And thank you for the kind words!


Much appreciated!

Thank you thank you :)

Ah, thank you for the kind words!

Hey thanks for the kind words!

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. Yea there are a few things to fix up with the map collisions, if your velocity is too high you can clip out. Also just tried level 4 and was able to jump out of level on the top platform by jumping backwards :p