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Yes, that's what he was referring too.

You might need to try a separate browser, as this is sometimes an issue with Unity games, or try the Windows version linked on the page.

This game is super cool! The game screen is pretty small, which was kind of strange but it didn't make the game more difficult. The combination of multiple games was also super cool! What was this built with, was it construct 2?

You can see the video here: 

Cool beans! That's fair enough, and I think the game itself makes up for that lack of much relation to the theme. The game is quite fun!

Thanks a great deal!

This game is amazing! It has great visuals and sound, with animations and effects like screen shake which only improve the experience. Its only really weak suit, other than the little bit of lag at the beginning of a round, is its interpretation of the theme. Maybe I missed something, or am just not seeing it the way you all are, but I don't really understand what the game has to do with one room. I guess the map is just one room, but that's only because there aren't doors. I don't think the map really counts as one room. Either way, the game is really great and I had a lot of fun playing it!

Thanks! We have been thinking about porting it to mobile devices, after playing around with the UI to make what you are supposed to do more clear.

Sweet game! It took me a bit to understand that the gun isn't an actual portal gun from the game Portal or Portal 2, but instead allowed you to jump higher. However, once I got that out of the way I really enjoyed it! The puzzles were interesting and the jump mechanic felt pretty cool, other than how quick it was. I don't think it fit the theme very well, as the different levels were all different rooms, unless you just interpreted the theme as one room per puzzle. Great job!

I fixed the issue, with the Windows version of the game. If you use Mac or Linux, just tell me and I will create a build for those operating systems too!


Cool beans!

Nice game, with pretty cool visualize! The player felt very slow and when you died the counter would continue to rise. The concept is great though! Great job!

Oh, thanks for the heads up!

Nice game! The art and music is great, in addition to the cool intro! The game play was kind of wonky and difficult to control, but neat concept! Keep it up!

Cool beans, but how do I attack? You mean jump on him?

What am I supposed to do here?

I could I guess...

So generally in game jam everything, including art, music, code, ect, needs to be created during the jam submission period. However, sometimes you are allowed to use premade art, music, code, ect as long as you make it clear. I personally don't mind if you use some premade assets as long as you make it very clear that those were created before the jam. 

I will be hosting another game jam once I hit 200 subscribers and so on, and were already at 161! Expect a new De Space Jam soon! 


Thanks! Can you tell me more about the Game Development World Championship?

Hi Indie!

Nice game, and as always I loved the cool title screen background! Keep it up!!



Thanks a great deal! Yeah, I didn't have time to finish that music problem, sorry :(

Thanks so much!

I haven't played the game yet, but I just spent almost a minute staring at the gif. It looks really cool!

You must have really enjoyed the form!

Lel, thanks!

Ok, thanks so much!

Hi! I just recently began my first game jam and have been baffled by the amount of people taking advantage of the system. So far three games have been submitted to my game jam, De Space Jam, that broke at least 2 of the rules and were clearly submitted to advertise.  The most recent of which being https://heathcleaf.itch.io/helsingwall, which I know has also broken the roles of the other game jams it has been submitted in. When it happened for the first time I thought the developer just didn't understand what a game jam was, but after having it happen more and more it has become clear that developers are using game jams to market their own games.  I want  to avoid being someone screaming about problems and providing no solutions at all.  There just needs to be something that incentives not to do it. Maybe flag a user after doing this more than once, or keep game jam removal topics on the game site to  make clear that the developer took advantage of such tactics. Honestly I don't have a great solution,  and I can live with just removing it myself. At first I thought it was a small thing that only happened every now and then, but three occurrences in about a week! Its astonishing.

I'm sorry to say, as this game breaks multiple of the De Space Jam rules, it has been removed from the jam. If you have any questions please ask them here.

do you  want me to type start?

I tried enter but thats all I could think of.

I could only get this far :(

It reminds me a bit of the impossible quiz. Its a pretty cool idea!

Sure, once I finish streaming all the games submitted on stream I will probably play some other games! No problem!

Hi, I'm sorry to say that your game was removed from De Space Jam as it was made before the start of the jam. If you have any questions you can ask them here or in the De Space Jam community tab.