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Wow, will you be making a video about all your games as well?

Ah, asked for the suggestion before that feature existed.

Replied to Sl1ngShot in Questions?

Ah, I'll change it!

Created a new topic Questions?
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If you have any questions about the jam ask them here :)

No problemo!

Could you add a way to clear the entire area, so that I don't have to do so by hand.

I haven't finished the game yet, because I can only ever play it during the short 5 minutes I have for break between classes, but its pretty cool so far. The puzzles are interesting, and a lot more well developed than one might expect.

Great job!


Yay, HTML5 version. Now I can play it at school!

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I attempted to speed run your game, and I succeeded for the first few levels but after that I would always start to suck. I spent forever perfecting that dab worthy trick though. Great job on your game!

Yep... amazing!


Even the game is not too much game play wise, the art is LEGITNESSS!!

The sound effects though. So GUD!!


Yeah, it makes them look complete.

Nice music!

I know that the black border comment might have just been something small to make your art look better, but it has made my art much much better. Thanks!

Oh, ok. Now it makes more sense!

Cool game! I am just confused what the feed and play buttons do, when I click them it just restarts the meter?

This game is beautiful and fun! The game looks so cool! I didn't get how to play it at first,  but after the first 3 minutes I kind of got a hang of it.


No problem

The game is really cool! Are the levels randomly generated?

Cool game, but I got stuck the first time because I accidentally deleted all the stuff in the box you write in. It felt like a spell check simulator.


Why though!!! Such a rage game!!!!!! So CLOSE!!!

This game was super interesting! I loved it, great idea!

How do you create the background art? Do you actually use make it by hand, or is it generated using algorithms. 

Once again your pixel art is amazing. Teach me da way pls.

First, or is this just for YouTube?

Thanks! There are a variety of ways  to stop the player from grabbing onto walls. You  can check the name of the object they are colliding, check if the object the player is colliding with is under the player using raycasts or linecasts, and so on. I can help out if you need! Me and Dedkat discovered the bug but I though that it fit so I didn't use the version in which the player couldn't climb.  Because the player can only jump so high the climbing was also helpful in that respect.

I'll be sure to try that.

How do you make these games in a day!?! That's insane!

The game is beautiful! How do people make such great pixel art?

Fun game and great pixel art!


Also consider subscribing so I can continue doing what I am doing!

Too freaky!