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Fair enough :)

Was anything about it in particular too difficult? I still have about 12 hours left in the jam, so if there was anything that really stuck out as too challenging then be sure to share it. Either way, thanks for the feedback.


Nice update, its pretty fun!

Oh, yeah, true. It was originally going to be a puzzle game of sorts, but this is all I could get finished. Thanks for playing!


First off, great game! The puzzles were interesting and I thought the game itself looked really cool. Some music would have been nice, and maybe more levels, but the whole idea was really great. Just one little bug to point out, after you complete the game you can still shoot bullets, and hence kill the player after already winning.

Thanks for playing, and your point makes sense. My idea was originally going to focus on the idea of a cycle, where you cycle through enemies where when an enemy takes damage you turn into that enemy, but because I lost Saturday so the only way I could think to make it work was to have it be co-op. It started out with some resemblance but ended as it did. Thanks for the feedback as well.

Thanks for the feedback! It’s much appreciated! Mouse sensitivity was a large issue that I only noticed post jam, which makes clear to me that I need to make more time for play testing. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Mouse sensitivity was surely a huge issue that I noticed post jam. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree about the levels. I thought they looked nice in the development process, but after the jam I noticed that the levels often fee very cluttered with desktop applications. I also need a lot more play testing, as it totally went over my head that different players have different mouse sensitivity. Once again, thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback!

Wow, thanks!

Thanks for playing, and even more so for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing!


Thanks for your feedback!


Thanks for playing! Yeah, if you want to go full screen then download the Windows build. Otherwise I would recommend not going full screen. 

Thanks for playing! Totally didn't think about how different people have different mouse sensitivity until the jam ended sadly :(, and that's exactly why the Blender icon kill you! Ding ding ding! You win... a digital high five!

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Cool game, but hard to get into. Probably because I don't usually play SRPG's, but it felt like a lot of information was avaliable for me. The art and music are both great, and thanks for the volume warning!



Good point! Thanks for playing!

I changed the Unity Internal Resolution, and I did exact that but via code. Sadly it actually ran in void Start() and not void Update(), so it only actually works when the game first starts. :(

Yep, don't play it in full screen. Don't click the blue full screen button when playing.

I can see how touch screen would be interesting. Yeah, totally forgot while making it that different people have different mouse sensitivity :|

Thanks for your feedback! Looking back on it, I'm not a fan of  the level design either, but I'm not sure why text was on top of black for you?Make sure you click the transparent full screen button, and not the blue one. Also, that's exactly how I explained it to a friend on discord, when it came to why Blender killed you. 


Thanks, and I've never heard of sling knight. Not sure how I would set it up for mobile, but I'll think about it.

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I love the effect you made, slowing down and speeding up the tempo. Your interpretation of the theme is pretty funny, but makes it super difficult. Overall, great job!

Yeah, totally forgot that other players would have different mouse sensitivities!

Sorry, I don't really get what you mean?

Cool beans. Thanks!

I did a full scan early and found nothing...

No problemo! We entered our game into GDWC. Thanks!

The fact that you have a boss battle at all is astonishing! Great job!