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I like the idea with the pinata and it makes fun but nevertheless it's running very very slow on my machine which is capable of running newer games fluently on medium settings (Thanks Unity ._.)

I finally finished this game after dozens of deaths and restarts and I almost didn't enjoy any of the parts in this game. I just had the desire to complete this game for leaving this feedback (and because it's made from my favourite game engine). From my side the game is too hard and unforgivable. 

thank you :)

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Not nearly as good as Dusk but still very fun to play for a short moment. Also I want to mention that I haven't enough ammo in the last level of the game (Blood Dragon, in my case around 10% left until empty ammo) although I used all the ammo just for the boss and killing it with the sword is... very hard or maybe impossible without dying, I guess

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Very low framerate also on lowest resolution after the tutorial. (specs: i5, 8GB RAM, gt740 2GB VRAM). It's bad that this kind of game (Low poly) isn't running on my machine :(    

Always the same thing with 3D Unity Games. Some improvements like splitting the areas in lower pieces would improve performance very much.