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Maze Mania is an exciting, 3D completely immersive maze game. If you love puzzle games, this is the ultimate puzzle game. We're now offering 50% off for Halloween 2021, please enjoy!!

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Maze Mania is full of exciting and great looking levels. Which is your favourite to play?

Tell us your favourite levels, for us level 3 and level 5 are pretty awesome third person levels.

We want to create a game for you that you wil love forever. How can we acheive this?

New amazing 3D maze game is now available for you to challenge yourself. What we have done is take the all-time classic maze and turn it into an awesome game. You will navigate around over 40 unique levels, with great soundtracks, to get around the mazes and get to the end point.

This game is perfect for those who enjoy mazes, puzzles and challenges. We would love to hear any feedback. Please message us or post in our community to help us make the game even better. 

Are you happy with the title screen or should we update it?

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Which is the best outdoor maze you have been to? Let us know!