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Hi, I got same result as Maya.

Nothing happened when pressing New Game on Chrome and Edge on Win10.

Would love to try out the game!


Error log:

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Thank you for fixing it.

It is very kind of you!

The fix is very cute and clever.

I progress and finish the game.

It was tons of fun, I really enjoy it.

I spent some time in the loop room, trying to clip myself into the wall.

I notice sometimes the keys would flash when you pass the room and sometimes don't, but mainly figured it out by taking hint from my friend.

I got a little distracted when I found that I couldn't press "?". 

Later on, I found the way to progress by watching other's playthrough.

It's really sneaky! But I appreciate this kind of stuff which remind me a lot about early games and internet.


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Really great game!

I don't know why but I'm stuck at the box room.

I could press all the key in "spike" and "down" simultaneously but not "box".

It's possible to press down "bo" ,"ox" and "bx" in the same time, but when I press the third one, nothing happened.

Same situation happened in Chrome, Edge browser and Win64 version.

I totally don't get it.

But I love the visual design and the pitch drop.

等等 我幹嘛寫英文

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music is dope

Drown community · Created a new topic Be like Duck

Picture a duck swimming across a pond; it glides across the water effortlessly. Under water, however, its feet are paddling like mad.



name:King of Soy Milk


time: 53:29

I love it!

It's cute and challenging! The button config also reminds me when I played X4 on the PC.

Here's some thoughts, wish could help :)

The first chest of heart sometimes stop spawning.

I somehow miss the checkpoint for a long time until I find out it works.

Do not like the jumpy enemy seems moving randomly.

The big jump+dash dash trap feels kind of frustrating to overcome.

The homing magic ball guy feels overwhelming haha!

Do not like to wait for the mushroom to get smashed.(first introducing the trap)

Do not like to wait for the rock to drop through after the ninja boss section.