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Are you playing web or Windows version?

Thanks! Your point about thumbnail makes sense, I've updated it.

Thank you! 
Yeah, during development we were aware of those issues you've mentioned and had few discussions - yet, for the Q&E/shift&space issue we couldn't figure out which option is definitely better; while switching controls is a part of the intended experience - giving a kind of feel that this game is not supposed to be played, well, alone.

Thank you! 🖤

Loved the video! Thanks for the review.

About action scenes - those were not planned as fighting scenes, but more hide&seek stuff. I agree that the game feels good as it is now, but originally I thought that feeling of getting to the freedom should be stronger if there would be kind of "boss-battle" challenge before the exit. Not like a literal boss-battle, but something challenging enough with a confrontation to a certain subject. 

But the poor guy got the fate of smashing his head against the wall instead.

Btw, the idea of someone getting to the back of Prisoner while you are flying around the closed gate is really, really good, even though it sounds kind of obvious. Haven't thought about that!

As a game, I find The Space Between... Mediocre? I'm not sure if I even should call it a game.

But as a narrative interactive experience - and it definitely should be interactive, or it (probably) couldn't be this kind of experience in the first place - it is very good. It is awesome.

The overall direction and sound design are amazing.

Wanted to play 10 minutes during my work day. 

Caught myself still terraforming Mars after an hour. 

10/10 totally worth making full version and getting into steam early access asap