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Today, with a big update, the fight mode becomes available. 

- Players can now battle 15/21/35 rounds in duos.

- Added a character color customizer. This will be replaced with a full-fledged bling-bling customizer pretty soon.

- Made minor physics adjustment to the game mechanics. (The glitch though rare, will be fixed in the next update! :D)

A casual game I made for a game jam. Couldn't finish it in time though. However, liked the idea of the theme, and worked on the game for a few days. 

2 blocks is an arcade style fighting game where two blocks(the players) have to fight each other to knock their opponents off the ground. The last cube standing wins!

The theme was: "Keep it simple"

At the moment, the timer mode works. The rounds mode will be up in a few days. That will include AI/enemies as well. Hope you guys will enjoy the game.  It's under active development. So stay tuned to my page for more updates! If you like my work, please feel free to follow me on, and optionally make a purchase of the game.

Download the game from:

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Hi there! First of all, glad that you enjoyed the game! I get what you mean, but because my project was specifically required as a Windows/Mac based application, that was my primary target build. However, the project will hopefully continue so far as development is concerned. With that in mind, I'll probably try porting it over to Android/iOS, however serious optimizations are in line. Will be looking forward to it. Cheers!

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Kill Quota is an endless-wave style shooter game. The player will have to eliminate each and every enemy on the running wave to advance to the next one! During gameplay, the players can collect coins which can be spent on new weapons in the shop. Check the game site to find out more:

you really are genius. i have a plan to make a platformer using your asset generator. thanks a ton man! :)