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This is a very interesting game. I love the conversation with the taxi driver. Well done on completing the game, there must have been a lot of work that went into it. I love the humor that you incorporated into the dialogue. Congratulations.

Thank you so much for the great feedback, helpful bug reports and kind words. I'll try to fix those issues in the future.

This was an awesome game. The ghosts are cool dudes.

Thank you for putting all of those responses in. They really added to the charm of the game. The game was awesome. My kids and I crammed around the computer playing it, and laughing. :)

What a beautiful game.

That's a really charming little game. I love it so much!

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Thanks for the comment. Yes. A save feature will definately feature in future games. I thought it was too short to need one in this one. What do you think? I will add one if people think it necessary. Also, do you have any suggestions concerning accessibility or any other points. I am very open to suggestions or criticisms. 

Thanks for streaming the game Joshua. I got a lot of tips from watching you play it and your suggestions, and I appreciate the positive comments too. The features you thought were missing were mostly due to me not having enough time to implement them. The Visionaire engine does provide the features you thought the game needed. Some features have now been added, while that ESC and quit nuisance will definitely be removed very soon. :)

As I said before, I do appreciate you doing the play-through, but I just wanted to let everyone know that the game has changed a little since the video. :)

Thanks very much for the comments and the play through video. :)

Thanks very much for the feedback. I have just made an update to complete some missing features, and I increased the walking speed too.

Fascinating game. I like that you didn't tell everything at the beginning, and let us piece it together.

Nice game idea. It could possibly do with something to encourage progress, like a time alive or score. Also, a life counter. But the gameplay mechanic is simple and great.

That was an interesting game. An interest gameplay concept, to combine the platforms with the word puzzles. I really liked it. Controls were a little tricky to jump when I kept sliding, but it didn't stop me from continuing. As I went on, I found the controls to be fine. Great work.

Nicely done. I wished the light would last a little longer though. :)