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i just got 200'000 points off of getting airtime being stationary on a ledge for a couple minutes, nice. Seriously, fun game.

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It looks like it didnt detect the controller but the controller was plugged in before launch. The game doesnt seem to receive any controller input at all.

im using a xboxone controller wired on windows?

The controller support doesn't seem to work


Is there an arcade mode in the current version or is it just the tutorial?

Yes, i have 2 controllers connected both Xbox

The Xbox controller is wired.

I'm on Windows 10 using an Xbox 360 controller with built in drivers.

The demo looks good but i was using a Xbox 360 controller and the lock on wasn't working (left trigger)

Amazing demo, though it does look awkward when you draw your owl in midair and you just stand in midair, perhaps a separate animation for drawing your owl midair but i don't know just a nitpick