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☺: u263a

1. Unicode key (Ctrl + Shift + U)

2. put the code 263a

My high score is 89 YAY

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If so then ADD THEM if u want to

gif not video

Are those Videos and screenshots levels?

I do sorry I played it then and didn't think to respond ☺ (ctrl + shift + u = Unicode key, then put 263A for the smily)

I have a bug where sometimes It doesn't let me stick to the ceiling.

(I completed the game like 6 times now)

I hope you find a publisher :D

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ok, but I'm on a Chromebook so I cant :/

1. Isn't Epic Games or steam a publisher?

2. I had a bug where I couldn't move, and another one where I couldn't jump until I died

Oh cool

I can see this game on steam or something

thx :D

also I completed the game 3 times

and what I mean by that is MAKE MORE LVLS

Pls Keep working on this bcuz its VERY fun

when you don't have a ship yet it should say buy ship not (level 0) upgrade it just looks weird to me