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Hi! i really enjoyed playing this game i haven't finished the game yet but so far i am really enjoying it along with the art style of the game i can't wait to try and finish the game also i made a video so i hope you guys enjoy the video!

Hi i really enjoyed playing this game and i am possibly going to revisit this to attempt beat it hopefully i will and can! i hope to see more from you guys also i made a video its been split to two parts since it went on for 40 mins so i hope you guys enjoy my videos 

Hello! i really enjoyed playing this game i really liked atmosphere that was being built as playing the game the more i explored what was there the more creepier it got especially the build up to seeing the monster finally close to the end although i feel like the game should get more of a backstory for example the thing in the cocoon appeared to be human so like maybe it horrific mutation or a viral outbreak of a new disease and your either witnessing the beginning of the horror or during as it would appear since there was blood before the thing came out of the cocoon either way i did really enjoy the game so i hope to see more from you guys!

i really enjoyed playing this i got really close to beating this but i failed lol but i really think this has a lot of potential like maybe adding levels would be cool. 

Hello! i really enjoyed playing this game! i really liked the art style of this game it made me feel like i was going to be playing something cute and innocent but that was not the case! i won't say much more but that i really enjoyed this and i hope to see more from you great job!

honestly i'm glad somebody finally made a demo or a game  of gorefield  i think the concept would make great indie horror game so  great job i really hope to see more from you in the future! 

I really enjoyed playing this game i normally rarely ever see a game where it is in a gameboy format i used to play the gameboy a lot when i was kid so seeing and playing this brought back memories of me playing the gameboy so thank you for making this your an awesome person!

-love soul

Funny little game really enjoyed playing this Great job!

Sometimes you have to go to heck and back just to get some bread! (Really enjoyed playing this good job!)

god i really enjoyed playing this game i don't think i have laughed this much over an indie game before awesome job! 

Just as good if not better than episode 1 i can't wait to see what episode 3 may bring keep up the great work!

I really enjoyed playing this game the pixel art style is really well and i really liked the fact that its inspired by the twilight zone can't wait to play episode 2!

so i revisted this game after finding out that you had updated the game fixing most of the problems i encounter also didn't know the killer can change into a cat and other objects which extremely threw me off ( i couldn't go through  a wall panel at 28:58)  

still had a great time playing so im glad i decided to play this game again!

i really enjoyed playing this game although i discovered that one can accidentally go through the walls which is shown in the video i made but it made me laugh alot but i see potential in this game being really good if some of the issues are fixed

This game was very interesting it was scary but with a sense of humor to go along with it like going around and flipping off the monsters overall look and design  stands out alot so definitely 5/5 stars really did enjoy this one great job!

i really enjoyed playing this game it scared the s*** out of me but i was really surprise that i had a baldi jump scare like i wasn't expecting to see baldi in this so is that like a random encounter cause i  i went through comments and nobody so am i like the only one to have this jump scare i recorded it to its at 9:05 in the video but overall this really scared me  5/5

Man! this was a fun and interesting game and difficult to i've only managed to make it to round 12 in this game it also made me laugh how beat up your boxer can get before dying i also made  a video of me playing this game so i hope you like it i give this game a 5/5

Playing this game was really fun it's really nice to play a indie game that has a concept that speaks for itself although i wish  there was missions  or a challenge mode but other than that i really enjoyed playing this 

this is a very weird and creppy game....... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!

Man this was a really nice short game pixel art was very well done, puzzles were very simple  to be honest i enjoy hard puzzles but they were creative so i still enjoyed them music was also very decent as well overall 5/5 also i made a funny video to go along with so to those  who see i hope you enjoy my commentary 

Man this was a really good indie horror it was really scary although there was little background info on the girl the game gives you some info on her but the were she mentions she was all over the newspaper after that scene you could have put a random newspaper somewhere telling us what happen did she kill herself because we never gave her attention but  i do like the thought that the "experiment" was actually a time machine and it would explain why we find her alive in the end but overall this was a really good game i even did a lets play i hope to those who see this enjoy my commentary it's one of a kind  after all

I really enjoyed playing this scary game the  watchmakers make the game npt only terrifying but also very challenging 


Really enjoyed playing this game i like the concept of using sound to navigate through the levels as well as using it to solve puzzles great job! also here is a lets play i did on the game 

I really enjoyed playing this game it felt like something was going to jump out and murder me lol great job also i made a video on it

I really had some good laughs playing this game i also enjoyed the simple concept of the game itself great job! also here is a video i made on your game 

I loved this game it was very well done the drawings made the game have its own unique game play it took me a bit to understand what the ending was all about and i had go through the game one more time to piece  together what happen but other than that great job with this game!

I honestly thought this was going to be a horror game but to my surprise it wasn't but! i really enjoyed the game Here is a link to the video that i made for this game hope you enjoy!

I really enjoyed this game because it reminded me of playing metroid when i i was little and i'm happy to see that games like metroid still exist i made video here!

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I really enjoyed playing this game and i really like the game mechanics that are established in this game which makes this game very unique! also is the monster a praying mantis or something because i already made a joke about it looking like one lol

I made a video on your game and i have say it was really good! if you watch the video please disregard me saying your game was made in under 30 hours i'm sometimes a dummy dum and i don't pay attention sometimes lol