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good level design and mechanic love it i enjoy it 

haha thankyou Nuclear Mosquito okay iwill fix the sword swing, but i'm not agree with you about odd on mobile version, because not all of people have computer and laptop and if they want to enjoy the game must lend laptop or computer, i make this game because i want all people who play this game is happy, and i try on my android phone it works good and i can bring my game on anywhere, or like time wasting if you waiting some one on train station or on airport. 

thank you machdor for playing my game

haha but the the prize is prize i must doing something for the prize QueenHylian just tell me what you want and what type of game and i will send to you ^_^

thanks again goel for playing my game

whoa a great game i like the graphic retro 

thank you nemix for playing my games
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wow you did it i suprised i think i no one can beat it but you did it, when first time i make the level i think that no one can't finished that point, for prize i will offer help if you make game or have idea for realization just tell me on my Gmail

thanks andrewhowz 

haha fun , it's like assasin creed black flag, and ido'tknow where is the health bar?

thanks for playing my game  ^_^ i have no idea when first time theme of game jam announce, the missile actually effective with huge asteroid not small asteroid you must wait the huge asteroid and you pick it, better using pulse bullet , but pulse bullet not effective with huge asteroid, i make it little difficult because a short time production a strategy is very important on this game.  

thanks Bombjack ^_^

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thanks goel ^_^ wow it's good try again use the pulse cannon for little asteroid and the missile for the bigger asteroid

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okay it fix have something problem with android module thanks for report the bug 

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okay it fix have something problem with android module thanks for report the bug 

waha can i join? haha