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I sure don't want to start a range war by this thread,:no: but have always wondered how necessary it is in having a rhythm guitar along with the bass, lead and drums.

I know that there's lots of groups both now and in the past who made it to the top with the three man arrangement, but personally, I've always felt that there was something missing. That more fuller with more depth sound. In some cases, if the lead wasn't really capable in being able to capture those difficult riffs, the back up player could fill in the holes or provide a cover. latest ringtones

So, was wondering if any players have preferred the three man combo, as the four adds more complexity to the playing.

I thought it best to use THIS forum as actual people who have performed with either set up would give a more reliable/valid asssessment of what I've asked. But chime in, even if you have not been a player, but also share if you are/have been one, eh?


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Within my relatives/friends, I've seen some come close to making it big time in the music world, only to get so far then fall off the charts so to speak.

They had pretty good playing abilities and gelled together fairly well. They won some contests, and even a $100k recording contract...yet both of these groups made it only so far only left to waste away into obscuruty

They did the tour some great promotion from local DJ's, did the usual bar scene but to no avail.

They all had high hopes, were highly motivated, had countless interviews, but never got off the ground in the "big way".

I thought one group was too narrow in their target audience because of their type of genre, but the other was mainstream and should have made it...but they didn't.

Any discussion would help me understand just what went wrong and why they failed to make the scene. I think they don't even know why not.


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I've always wondered which stringed instrument is the most difficult to play or master?

I know they can go from a one stringed format as some of the primative ones to that of the multi stringed sitar, harp, etc.

Some like the hand held harps and the 12 stringed guitars must be more of a challenge, and I'll bet the full bass can be more than a handful to deal with because of the distance the fingers have to travel. free funny ringtones

Personally, my experience only goes as far as the 6 string guitar and the Uke, being only a neck chorded junkie at best without the pickin'. :(

So, I'll lay this one out..from what ever you've heard, read or better experienced...which of the stringed instruments are a b##ch to play?

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Last night being my birthday and Leo Kottke in town, my wife got tickets to the sold-out show. I've been a fan for a long time and have seen him live a few times in the distant past. I had him sign a guitar back in '93. That was the club date where I sat at his toes and got to see exactly how he does what he does- since then I've been happy to just listen and appreciate, and not try to reinvent my right hand.

He may not have been at the peak of his powers last night, but it's still a thing of wonder to watch him do what he does; NOBODY has that exact sound which involves incredible power and restraint. After one of his convoluted stories he opened with "William Powell", muffing a few passages, after which he went back and replayed the offending parts. More convoluted stories about his time in a submarine. With Kottke, the stories (and the way he tells them) are as much a part of the experience as the music. free funny ringtones

He also played "Wonderland By Night", which I think is one of his most beautiful arrangements.

It's great to be able to watch a master at his craft 15 minutes from home.

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