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We definitely wanted it to be more of a wholesome experience rather than an extended one. Thank you for playing! :)

Thank you for playing! :)

Thank you playing and for the feedback! A mobile version sounds great!

Thank you for playing!

We wanted some more levels too. :(

Right? Thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback! :)

Thank you for playing!

We did have a lot of ideas too. We planned for buttons that would shoot arrows and other things that you would have to maneuver past. The ideas you talked about sounds really interesting and fun as well! Thank you for the feedback. :)


Thanks, we had 3 more rooms planned after this and a lot more mechanics too. We couldn't get to them but thanks for playing! :)


I agree, we wish we could have added more levels too. :(

Thank you! You are correct, there was only one level unfortunately. We had more but couldn't get them in. :(

Thanks! We had more but couldn't add them. :(