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kerlin is also a mad scientist that want the earth for himself and he has a spacestation

hey can you add a bad guy to this game? i have big ideas and i think i could help with devloment for the game, i can remember over 100 dreams i had, and the scary monster would be shadow man and a person called kerlin, he is bald ,whears work suit and all his hair is spikes so he has spike come out of his head and then back in and he also has a shaved beard etc

wow awesome game, is there cheats? or cheatable? can you please give mininuim and recommened specs for the game?

i couldn't find out what the code was all i know there was two dates one for a birth day and one for when photo was taken of monster

oh ok can i have codes to the terminal and security door lock down?

well how did you fix yours? do you use windows 10, you should join the discord server for hamumu

thanks, what about profiles? everytime i create or want to delte it creates more or it reset the one with memory and i have to start all over again

thank,s im wondering if there is a new update out yet?

thank's i fixed the problem

some should make remake or addon, hopefully can play as loony or as doctor lunatic that would be cool

IS THUS game LIKE loony land? if so then this game will be good else if its still like dr Zunatic it will suck because upgrades are not perm

give me another reason?also dr.lunatic games are not better then loonyland games 



please help when  i got window it wont let my cursor outside the game when playing

also posting here was a mistake i meant for dr.lunatic supreme with cheese

i did eevrything right

yes i remember all those things


wait hamumu upload all worlds zip do i still need to replace levels.dat forstuff etc?

wopps i mean for this other game, and its still gross, i rather be a male and have female, i don't want to be transgender or homo because it ruins humans and ruins the relation ship with other gender

it isnt lesbian unless your blind, it is a male with girl parts or a girl with mal parts, transgender is fake and it is gross and wrong.

there is even a crazy series on light box called transparent which means the family is transgender which is fake and they all look ugly.

its a stupid idea humans made up.

there are only 2 genders. if you add anymore then that ruins genders

well it happened for me

will ther be other positions like titfuck? and the main charector should be male NOT FEMALE, that is gross to have female make out with other females. i am a male, and i know what i am talking about

awesome, can't wait for more games of old that you release

awesome, i can't wait to use addons if my gaem data is not corrupted or reseted

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this game has a bug with saving, it resets all saves , hopefully someone can fix soon

you guys can listen and download some sound effects that i could use for a game or for anyone https://github.com/soniiiety/sound-effects

if i could get help to redo my thread?, https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/the-dreamer-a-game-about-dreams...

hey people you can go to my profile on rpg maker forum to talk about this as well https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?members/soniiiety.119428/

yeah LOL i found the site very fast before you posted link XD, i just searched rpg maker mv

I also got some bullets but idk what for gun maybe? and would we be getting that sword maybe in the area with the guns? because the axe isnt there

shadow man is like a stick man 3d and has no visably details on his shadow body , he is pitch black and also see particle/static effect on his body

"or yells at me" I hope anyone is interested in making a game like this, it doesn't have to be sandbox, but I am putting ideas.

there are many games I have seen, that inspire me, like:Dr.lunatic supreme with cheese, it is bird eye view/facedown 2d.

im not intending to make my game or your game 3d, it can be anything you like as long as the game is about dreams and that there are animations and things for the game.

I know abit about making art and animation, i just need to find the right programs.

right now i use for art is :paint.net

and what programs i might use:pencil 2d/contructor 2

hello everyone, I would like some help, I been thinking for ages that I should or find away to make something about my dreams.

I can remember over 100+ dreams most of them are lucid and I think it would be fun and awesome to share them and make it as a game.

it would have/be





and many more you can think of.

i like to dream but i think its time to let people know about my dreams!.

do you have dreams? what about?

i will tell you about one of my dreams.

"it was pitch black and then suddenly, I am awake standing in my room, then I walk out the door and past the toilet,

next minute, a bad guy called:shadow man, awakens from the toilet area, I run!, but he is too fast, he is super strong like superman,

and he pulls me away from the next door, then put me back on my bed and screams at me!, and everything goes pitch black and shadow man laughs"

I usually have that same dream, I got used to it, I know what to do if I see him again and I know what to do!.

I am not scared of my horror dreams, well at least not the same old ones, you could call me conquer of dreams.

heyyyy i got an awesome idea, i know what games we could make, it will be about lucid dreaming and sci-fi/drama/comedy, i can remember over 100+ dreams which i have been wanting to sahre to make a game of? or aniamtion or something

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cool game 

Posted in Gameplay video

i agree , can't wait untill update and next chapter, also is the game gonna remain free?

welldone guys

very good