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My Eldritch Horror is a Virtual pet/idle game but the little Eldritch abomination in your care has been designed to be as unappealing as possible.  Most of the people who see it hate the way it looks or simply can't look at it so I've purposefully shown just a bit of it.

I was curious if the gameplay of most key chain / tamagatchi-style Virtual pets was still fun when the thing you were taking care of wasn't cute. 

I'm kinda interested if anyone actually likes this or if I really have just spent the last week and a half making something completely unlikeable.

The eldritch horror can  do all this and nothing else ( I didn't want to make it lovable ):

  • Eat.
  • Never sleep always watching.
  • Wonder aimlessly.
  • Feel a porcelain tooth.
  • Grow spores.
  • Get sick.
  • Expire and cease to be.
  • Be generally weird and gross/unsettling to look at.

A record of all departed specimens is kept for prosperity in the form of a cold slab of stone, this is your only reward for the thankless and dreadful drudgery of keeping your unnatural "pet" alive as long as you wish to do so. As you build up tombstones they will have the name of your abomination, how it met its maker and how long you kept it alive in playtime.

Sisyphus goes up: You're going down is a rage-inducing platformer. Play as Sisyphus as you carry a  small- boulder out of the underworld as you navigate some of the most challenging obstacle courses ever devised.

Status: In development with a free playable version so I can get feedback while I work on it!  The demo contains a quick tutorial level and whatever level I'm working on, currently that's Level one. 

Here are some gifs of the first level in action!

The game now has the tasty Menu you crave!

I'm adding something special to #KillspiracyTV. soon players will have a reason to complete a run. Everyone loves a little television...

I can. I'm a one-man dev though so it'll slow down how fast the update comes out LOL.  I checked my mouse control code and it's doable, I haven't included an options screen because I haven't coded a way to save anything in the game yet and people would have to set everything back to their preferred settings every time they start the game, Game maker studio 2 Isn't great for that. 

TL;DR It's on my to-do list but I can't promise when.

Cool! I'm glad you like it

Thank you so much for the feedback! If I were to Make it a full game I'd add a few more level themes, more weapons, maybe a few rare boss encounters, and a bit of story. 

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Run, Gun, and save cultists in murderous mazes. It's like zombies ate my neighbors had a kid with DOOM

KILLSPIRACY TV is a  basic Doom-like with randomly generated maze-like levels and up to 10 cultists to rescue per level.
Each run consist of 4 Levels. and there are 8 different themes  Graveyard, hedge maze, neon city, archives, pyramid, crypts, hive, and cosmic.

This is currently free but there is no scoring and only 2 weapons, there's no saving or options screen. It started as a way to challenge myself to use 3d In-game maker studio without shaders or extensions. I do a lot of stuff like warping the vertexes and tried to simulate the graphics of a PS1 but I didn't want to do any modeling. 

here are some of the enemies you'll be fighting.


If you do play it please feel free to leave a comment or feedback It's not required but it sure would help me decide how far to take it into development.

here's the link to the page:

More screenshots: