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cool shit B)

what is this post and my one?, pico 8?

Bluestaks 4 y NoxPlayer son opciones para emularlo en pc

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i wanny sleep B)

Esto va a ser epico papu

thx for reading :D


-Osu Guy


osea si, pero es una copia de gd nomas XD

i play osu!mania,friday night funkin' and Quaver, all thad in hard, so i can say than, the hit box of this game is so bad, its petty tiny, in my opinion the programers of this game need to give to  the player a bigger hit box (not so much bigger, just a little bit to make it more pleyable and fun) , thads all what i can say, the game it's funny and good, but fix thad please, thanks :D

think about what???

pero pesa 800 mb, y probablemente mi pc explote con el juego mal optimizado de jasper :c.

solo por la mala optimización ya que mi pc no es tan cutre realmente.

No creo que podría, ya que son juegos en 24 horas, almenos que lo hiciera después de la dead line pero la mayoría no correrían en un Android, porque el QL no optimiza los juegos XD, si este tiene como 12 mil triángulos, ósea tu alcatel explotaría con este juego


yes :D

thx, because i whas developing a game called Loop Island and i wan't to submit it in this jam, a lot of thanks to let me upload it :D

no one it's saying that they can't do whatever they want with the engine than they create, we are just asking why??

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unity let the engine free, but if you win more than 1000 dolars you need to pay( 400 dolars at year ), pico 8 can doo it but not 1000 dolars, somthing like 100 dolars will be better, or 50 dolars

im from Latino America, and 15 dolars are somthing like 11.044 in Chile, and depending tge day it's more expensive or minus

but, why they dont just do wath unity do????, but in a diferent way to work with Pico 8

pero, si no fueras tonto, porque dijiste que es gratis a un comentario de hace 3 días cuanto sabias que no era gratis????

pero hace 3 dias valia 400 dolares, idiota

no es detallaso, es algo de el input que lo hace solo unity(se hace con estas dos lineas de input: Input.getAxis("Horizontal") y Input.getAxis("Vertical")), Jasper y Aguineu no hicieron nada ._.

Top 10 juegos  más raros y épicos inspirados en animes

Picado 👀



JAJA Nice try pease of shit

Like pureya, but only with cats, or like warioware with cats.

but wait, this have images, and this is only text ._.

a fucking epic game

the text is decoupled ._. XD

this is good, so beutifull, great work

i can't finish the game cuz i just use 2 dais to make the game :c



well, that's the question, i just want know if we can use animations to make the game more "interesting"