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Really enjoying the game so far and i just wanted to ask, is there a way to rotate buildings?

Wall gates

I can't attach my switch to gates that require to be connected to switches

And before you say something about these being the only topics and no other topics for which you to ask your question, just make your own topic.

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Manually delete and re-install it 

also, this is the "Suggestions" topic.  Here you should frame this as a suggestion for a "NUKE" button that deletes all data similary to the "delete mission data/delete mission map" buttons with a question on the side.

But a "NUKE" button would be a great idea.

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1: You could have logic switches, like and, or, and xor, 

which you attach two switches to, and it gives an output based on the switches.

2: Switch relays

3: Lag compensation

4: Some way to build from llama-back

Getting stuck in fences when closing the gate while going through it. Cats sitting in walls.

So generally, the clipping.

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Great! I actually just got power in my base and tryed it again, and it WORKED!

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Is something gonna happen to this, because i'm having the same problem?  The last post/reply was 7 days ago and i'm starting to get worried nothing will happen.