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yes, i will upload the first one in the next few days and will have one for this jam shortly after that. I've been ill the last week so haven't had the chance to record. The next jam will be in 2 weeks, and it will be back to weekly after that.

Quite a nice little game, main problem i'm having is that occasionally it will start quickly skipping all the text. I was at year 4 then it stated and I was at year 11 when it stopped, but aftera few more pages, it started again. Apart from that it's a good little text based game, that definatly has potential.

Great to hear your games are comeing along well, but we have approached the last hour, so finish them up and release what you've got!

Created a new topic How's it coming along?

Just over 12 hours left! How is everyone going with there game?

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Not mad at all. It's a great idea!

i'm gonna say yes. this is suppose to be quite a chill game jam, without many strict rules. when it comes to code I would rather everyone use something they have made or make during the jam and not use anyone elses. So yes, you can use any code or art that you have made in the past on this game.

Created a new topic STGJ 3 Theme - Invasion
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this game jams theme is invasion

yes it's going to happen. As Long as there are a few submissions then I'll continue to do it every week. I know two people in this jam are defiantly making something so that's good. Would be happy to see you participate as well :)

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Yes you can use anything as long as you have permission, so licenced and free assets are all good. But try to do the main parts of the game yourself, but sound and textures are all good.

<font>I've just adjusted the rules.</font>

cool. Btw I have the two games from Stgj 1 recorded. I'm recording the three from Stgj 2 later today and should have the video out not long after that. Just a heads up I'm not great with the whole commentary thing, so it's s bit awkward but the whole point is to show off the games and give feedback. also after the video let me know if I should keep doing it like this or change things up and what else should be in the videos.

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Also heres STGJ 3 if you want to sign up :) https://itch.io/jam/survive-th...

I thought your game was really good, can't wait to see what you can do next time with a different theme and potentially more time.

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Seeing as there were only two submissions for the first one i decided to wait. And there were only 3 in this one. So I will make a video hopfully in the next few days going over the games in STGJ 1 and 2 :) Just keep an eye out here or on the channel. For STGJ 3 and onwards no matter the submissions they will have a seperate video, it was just easier to do it this way.

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Because I would like everyone to know the theme right from the start of the jam. In my timezone the jam starts at midnight, so by the time I get up and post the theme the jam would be at least 6-8 hours in. For STGJ 2 I announced the theme 8 hours before it started :)

Created a new topic STGJ 3 Polls

here are two polls for STGJ 3

<font>I made one about the length just to change things up, most of these jams will be 72 hours.</font>


<font>The other is for the theme. I will make the jam page when voting closes for this one, and post the polls there aswell.</font>


<font>Results for the time poll will be posted a few days in advance of the STGJ 3 starting and the theme will  be announced the day before.</font>

just over an hour left. if you haven't already get your game submitted now!!

3 hours left. Make sure to submit your game!!

less than 5 hours remain!!

Created a new topic The Last 10 Hours

10 hours remaining. Apply finishing touches and make sure you can get your game finished and published before the deadline.

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I'm sure it's great. By the sounds of it, it's a very amibitious game, but i'm sure you can pull it off. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

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Good job. Looking foward to trying it out!

Created a new topic Theme - Migration

The theme for Survive the Game Jam 2 is Migration. Create a game that involves migrating, or migration in anyway. Feel free to ask questions about the theme or anything else. The game Jam starts in about 10 hours, get ready and have fun.

Replied to SpectralStar in Welcome

Great! just have fun with it, and keep an eye on the time to make sure you have it all ready to publish in time.

http://www.strawpoll.me/131851... Vote for the theme here. I will reveal the results about this time tomorrow.

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that's fine, only do it if you can, and want to.

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I've decided to get in on the fun this week, i'll be participating in the jam. To make things fair, and so I can't start early, i will create a poll for the theme some time in the next  24 hours, consisting of 3 themes. Vote for your favourite, although they will probably all get used over the next few weeks. Me participating is a rare occurence, I won't do it very often, however i'm free this coming weekend, so I thought i'd join in.

Created a new topic Welcome
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Welcome to the second weekly Survive the Game Jam. The theme will be announced in 2 days, and the jam starts the day after that. I hope to see many great survival games.

Created a new topic Survive the Game Jam 2

Survive the Game Jam 2 is starting in just 3 days. It will run through the same times as this one. I invite everyone who participated in this one to have another go with a new theme(to be announced) Hope to see you there.

<font>A link to the Youtube channel is on the Survive the Game Jam 2 page, I still need to get a good banner and pic for it, hopfully someone is able to do that this week(I'm really bad at art stuff, i made a really basic banner, but would like something much more professional looking) </font>

<font>The Video for Survive the Game Jam 1 will be out before Survive the Game Jam 2 starts. All the video will be is me playing both games that were made, and talking about them, giving advice, and rating them based on the criteria.</font>

not yet no, it will be out in the next few days, i'll be sure to let you know.

Thats okay, I'll check it out and include it in the video, just be sure to keep track of the time next time around.

Created a new topic Time to Vote

I originally had it as 1 week to vote, and that probably will be the case for future jams, but seeing as there was only one submission, i've changed it to one day.

<font>I will still make a video showing off this one game and giving my opinion and talking about how I rated it. That video should be out in the next few days, i'll post it here in a new topic.</font>

<font>Survive the Game Jam 2 will begin and finish the same time, so thank you to everyone who participated, especially spookycubed, as they managed to complete something and submit it, and I invite you all to do the same next weekend, with a brand new theme.</font>

1 hour left!!

2 hours to go!!

I've created a Youtube channel dedicated to this game jam. On it will be videos announcing each jam, and then another video a week after a jam has finished where I will play all of the entries, give my opinions and talk about the winners. For the first few jams there are no prizes, but if there are enough people participating in this game jam then i will start looking into getting small prizes for the winners, likely in the form of steam games.

I have the channel made, and have everything set up ready to make the videos. All I need now is some channel art. I've made some really basic pics for the banner and profile pic, but I would like something more fitting and more professional looking. So if anyone wants to, it would be great if someone could make a youtube banner, and a youtube profile pic and I can use them for the Jam page aswell as the youtube channel.

you can contact me if your interested in doing this, or have any other questions here: survive.gamejam@gmail.com

thanks to everyone who can help, and that has participated in this game jam.

It's just called Survive the Game Jam, but i'm still setting it up. The link will be on the Game jam page of all the future jams as well as here. I'm just about to make a post talking about it.

I've just played your game, you did a great job, especially for your first game. Watch out here for the youtube channel, and the video i'll be making with all the entries, although at this point it's looking like you might be the only one. In the video i'll give my opinion on all the games, with advice, if you plan on continuing development. The video will be made in a week, when voting ends, also another survive the game jam will start and finish the same time next week, if your interested in giving it another go.

only 4 hours to go. Get your entries in quick.

Created a new topic Time running out

The game jam is almost over. Get your entries in before time runs out.

Thats okay, can't wait to see what you make.