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A question about V0.0.13 so spoilers up until then!!!

So there are like two quest I don’t have (One is :Red Hands and I know I can’t do that one because I saved Vurro but then another one I have is :Slumbrous well: The guide said to talk to Wuldon to start the quest but I can’t talk to Wuldon because he’s in his house with Vurro and won’t answer the door (due to the 4/4 part of the werewolf quest not being finished). So will I have to wait for the quest to finish before I can talk to Wuldon and start the quest?

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I’m not sure if this is just a matter of waiting for the next update or not, but I’m having some issues.

  1. I finished making a scarf for Rahim but no matter what it won’t complete the task. Every time I go back it just says “report to Rahim about the clothing” and I get the same completion dialogue I did before but it doesn’t complete it.
  2. I think I met Arty before the farm quest with Amble and it messed something up. Now I get both scenes no matter how I behave 😂