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Thanks for playing! Once you wrap around back to the room with the hole that the boss is in your supposed to go to the left. I was going to cover up the hole but time got the best of me.

Thanks for playing! The boss attacks were inspired off of Hollow Knight so that was what I was going for, difficulty wise. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! The camera issue was something I couldn't resolve before the deadline.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! I was going to close the boss entrance up after you defeat her for the first time, but completely and utterly forgot. Thanks for the tip on the footsteps. I'll change that for the next build!

Thanks for the five stars! I've also added a health bar.

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun! A health bar has been added.

Thanks for playing! All great points. I completely forgot the wall jump even existed halfway through the jam. That's why it's not really used at all.

Cool concept! I really like the music and simplistic gameplay! However, I think its a bit too difficult. Besides that, this is a neat game!

Neat idea! I really like the art style and the audio! However, the movement requires quite a bit of multitasking, making it pretty hard to get anywhere. Besides that, I like this little game!

Thanks for the feed back and thanks for playing!

Thanks for the god-tier!

Thanks for playing! I appreciate the in depth review. Your points are valid. Note, there is a health bar built into the player, it probably need to be a bit more visible.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing! And thanks for the detailed review. Ill definitely take these into consideration. Also, the player has a built in life bar.

Really cool concept! I love the bright visuals and dynamic music! I did find it annoying how the missiles could just sneak up on you offscreen. Besides that this is a really cool game!

Cool game! I really like the art style and calming atmosphere! One thing was whenever I lost, the "quit game" and "restart" buttons weren't working. Other than that, Great work!  

Nice game! I really like the fast gameplay and music you chose! I do however, think it's a bit too hard. Besides that, Nice work!

Really cool game! I love the simplistic visuals and overall polish! However, there was a part on the first level that seemed to have an invisible collider. Besides that, this is a neat little game!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the artwork.

Thanks for playing! Noted.

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun with it.

Thanks for playing! I can see the confusion with the red guards. Maybe I could make them say "that tickled".

Thanks for playing! I'm getting quite a bit of comments about the direction that the ball and chain is thrown. Maybe I'll find a solution for a future build.

Wow! Thank you so much for the awesome critique! I'm thinking of turning it into a full fledged game. I'm glad you appreciated all of the small details!  

Great concept! I really like the audio and idea of adding new parts to your ship as the game progresses! Nice work!

Really fun game! I love the simplistic art style and weird movement! Great work overall!

Great concept! I really like the animations and idea of two characters with different abilities sharing the same body! Very nice work!

Cool game! I like how the player needs the drone to see his surroundings and the music choices! Nice work!

Cool concept! I like the idea of the players abilities being  joined together with only four buttons! I just wish there was some sound. Besides that, this is a neat little game!

Really fun game! I love the spacy music and dash mechanic! However, I sometimes found it hard to tell the floor and walls apart sometimes. I think it would help if they were a bit darker or a different color. Besides that, this is a challenging but fun puzzle game!

Cool game! I really like the art style and soul-bound mechanic! I just wish it had audio. Besides that, great work!

Cool idea! I really like using the physics based wrecking ball to destroy asteroids! Nice work!

Really cool game! I really love the art style and animations! However, I wish there was audio. Besides that, awesome work!

Cool game! I really like the simplistic art style and the particle effects! I do, however, think it would really benefit from audio since your bullets seem to be shooting to some sort of beat. Besides that, really great work!

Cool game! I really like the futuristic art style and the audio! Great work!

Super original game! I love the idea of joining Tetris and platforming together and how polished it is! Amazing work overall!

Amazing concept! I really like the retro art style and audio! I did encounter a bug where the mage's HP was negative. Besides that, this is a great game!

Great game! I love the idea of the player and enemies joining with blocks to become stronger! I just wish it were a bit longer. Besides that, good work!