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Simple, yet fun arcade-like game! Hope more people play and review it!

The most unique one I've seen so far! Cool use of "perspective" to create an interesting puzzle. Was hoping that when I reached the glowing part in the end that it was actually an even smaller puzzle, that would have blown my mind even further. Also, hello from the youtube stream chat :)

Your game is quite polished and your art style is amazing! The game itself is quite fun too, its like resource management with some action or tower defense involved. One suggestion would maybe to make the guns have a range so that I have extra incentive to move, because right now I can just charge one spot to get the levelled up gun and feel relatively safe and cope without the slow. Other than that, really great game and i hope more people review it :)

Simple yet creative. I can see some other elements of GMTK in there too, like level design from mario levels. Wished I thought of this :)

Quite fun, could see myself playing this for a while, especially if ported to mobile :) (although the teleporting part throws me off every time)

Hey Akirien. You finish the game by persevering in overcoming depression till the end. It may not look like anything is changing at the start but gradually you will see some small changes. As for going back, sorry, once you finish the game you will have to start again from the beginning. Let me know if you want to be able to go back though and I'll see what I can do :)

Thank you, this meant a lot to me and really made my day :)

It should be available on Windows