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Thanks for the comment!

Thanks. At first it was going to be a simple random generator (hence the name) but as I made more tables, it ended up being more of a plot generator set in a city.

If it's not too late, I wouldn't mind seeing how Not Another City Builder is tackled.

Thanks for the comment.

Nice! Keep them comin'!

We're at the half-way mark for this Jam. How's everyone doing?

No, there isn't and I don't see this being big enough to facilitate one unless I make Solo Game Chef a monthly thing.

Think I also came off lucky by downloading GodAI onto a drive that isn't my C Drive, since it seemed to install everything to there rather than the C Drive.

I sort of have an idea for a TYOV-like mechanic where you swap out used prompts for new prompts, but the problem is that it wouldn't fit onto one page.

Solution: Possibly DLC/expansions called "Seasons".

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If it makes you feel any better, this is only my fourth time game writing for a Jam/using an SRD Template. It gets pretty easy once you get an idea going.

I wrote Bartell entirely in Google Drive. I used Canva to make the cover and I used Tabletop Simulator to playtest it all.

Yeah, I ended up going Rogue-like as well, even at one point thinking if my game is too difficult. I playtested about ten or fifteen times to make sure I could win at least once.

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Just finished my fifth playtest. Decided to go a little esoteric with this and make a sort of analog Roguelike.

Need to tweak the difficulty a bit more before I go ahead with publishing, but it's almost done.

Don't worry about it.

I would probably say #SoloGameChef2020

Okay, so the charge went away. Not sure if the bank was at fault or if it got corrected by either Paypal or Either way, that's good.

I had sent an email to support.

So, wasn't accepting my card because my postal code had changed (had to re-enter the card just to change the postal code, so this is a non issue) so I decided to pay with Paypal, only to notice a double charge, one going to and another going to Paypal. 

Yes, it does.

How is everyone doing with their projects?

Eh, I used it because I figured it was the "uses this system" icon.


It's been happening to me too, though now with the added caveat of my Anti-Virus program popping up every minute or so to tell me it has quarantined a file.

A simple question. I made a purchase to a game with a pledge-like bar on top of it and I didn't check to see if my purchase made a difference.

So, does any purchase lead to the bar being increased or do you have to directly pledge on the bar?

Well, final stretch. How's everyone's projects?

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This is a list of ships that aren't allowed for this jam, due to their popularity and how the intent is to ship rare pairs.

  1. Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long (Bumblebee)
  2. Blake Belladonna/Weiss Schnee (Monochrome)
  3. Blake Belladonna/Ruby Rose (Ladybug)
  4. Blake Belladonna/Sun Wukong (Black Sun)
  5. Blake Belladonna/Jaune Arc (Black Knight)
  6. Yang Xiao Long/Weiss Schnee (Freezerburn)
  7. Yang Xiao Long/Jaune Arc (Dragon Slayer)

I decided against banning Yang Xiao Long/Ruby Rose (Enabler/Strawberry Sunrise) because of the taboo nature of the ship. I also didn't ban Blake Belladonna/Adam Taurus (Tauradonna) or Blake Belladonna/Ilia Amitola (Changing Colors) because popularity with those ships are minuscule in comparison to the seven I listed.

Note that polygamous/harem ships are exempt, so a Blake/Weiss/Ruby ship is allowable.

I have: