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A really awesome experience! I also loved the fitting and humor twist at the end :) this is really great! Like the others I just wish there was a little more to each level. I think that one level before the sacred mountain where you have to use all three powers (some together) in order to beat the level. Overall I really loved the humor, and I busted up laughing when the God gave Heraclos the middle finger!!

This is really neat, but I suck at it! Haha this is my submission if you wanna check it out!

Awesome game! I went ahead and rated it for you :)

My team member and I would love it if you played and rated our game too @ LudumDare - Tower Defense Paradise! (This is our first ever Game Jam!)

Hello everyone!

Thank you for playing my game The Void RPG. I hope you enjoyed it and that you encountered no bugs. However due to the state of my game I know this is not the case, and as such I have created this post for you to report bugs for me to see. I will try to fix the most severe and frequent bugs as quick as possible, however lower priority bugs may get pushed back a few updates until they are fixed, so be patient if a bug you reported isn't fixed yet. I'm a one man team!

Post any and all bugs or glitches you find using the template below (you may also send me DM's on itch if you prefer):

Severity: (ex. game crashed, game froze, feature doesn't work as intended, small annoyance, graphical bug, etc).

Reproducibility: (ex. always, sometimes, almost never, only once, etc).

Description: (Just a brief description of the bug that occurred, when it occurred, and what seemingly caused the bug. Any extra information might be helpful, but again try to keep this brief).

An example of a decent bug report could be:

Severity: Graphical bug/minor annoyance

Reproducibility: Sometimes

Description: Occasionally when I am moving an item from one slot to another, and I accidentally let go of the left mouse button on spot that isn't an item slot, the item's icon will stay behind on the spot I let go of the mouse at, even though the item is still correctly in it's original spot.

Thanks again fellow captains!


I never added the death function yet, so it must be something to do with the health bar system. Thanks for the info :)

Thank you so much for the response and the review!!

The controls are definitely clunky with mouse and keyboard, but is better with a 360 controller. I plan to fix that when I finish the game up.

There shouldn't be a game over yet, so I will look into what caused your crash. What exactly happened that caused it?

Thank you again fir the kind words :) I'm glad you enjoyed my game and the gun set in it! I plan to add another weapon or two when I finish it too, as well as power ups (including ammo drops).

Sorry about the clunky controls, they are more intuitive on the 360 controller. I should've used the cardinal directions for the wasd movement (and not just the controller movement as it is now).

And thank you so much for the comment and the review though :) The game is currently unfinished so you can't die or lose yet, nor can you get score. When Zombies reach the middle they will kill a survivor in the cave and you will lose one life. Ammo drops are going to be power-ups that you find as the time goes by, and when you are out of lives and then die you will lose.

I plan on adding these features to finish up the game sometime either this week or next. Thanks again for the comment :)

The controls are a little more intuitive on a 360 Controller.

Sorry about the clunky controls, I should've used the cardinal directions for the wasd movement (and not just the controller movement as it is now).

And thank you so much for the comment and the review though :) I plan on finishing this game sometime this week or next!