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A tight tactics RPG that's just dripping with theme.

Wow, this is so cool!

Hey Yuri, how would you like to be credited for your covers in our games?

Yes, you may use the same skills and items multiple times, assuming one of the items wasn't expended or lost in your last risk roll.

I can't stop thinking about "Sense and Stencibility" so I'm gonna grab that for the time being.

My first (and probably only) choice of publisher turned me down, so I'm likely going to need to Kickstart my own print run. No plans to do that in the immediate future, but definitely one day!

Thank you so much! Please let me know how things go if you delve in the crypts beneath Kynburgh!

Hey Isaac! Thanks for playing World Maker. I removed the playsheets a few versions ago, but have now added them back to the itch page. You should be able to download them now.

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that other people are playing this.

Absolutely! Just updated with a (No Background) PDF. Enjoy!

Thanks! I've updated the store page with the new version.

Yup! The link on the store page should prompt you to make a copy of the updated playsheets. 

A fantastic addition to any Blades in the Dark campaign. If, like me, you find yourself enjoying the little character moments and role-play opportunities afforded by the downtime phase, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

A simple but elegant game that lets you tell a story and create an interesting narrative artifact all at the same time. Love it.

Incredible. Just when I thought I had seen everything from the single-player RPG genre, here comes a gorgeous game with novel mechanics that helps you tell unique vampire stories. I've watched as my vampire turned into a mole-like monster and burrowed for centuries beneath the dirt. I've had ancient Greek vampires forget everyone they knew and then be trapped forever.

The book itself is an artifact I will treasure forever. 

A fantastical and novel evolution of the Forged in the Dark rules. I didn't realize how much I loved telling stories about telling stories until my first taste of Errant Deeds.

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CrashCart is an incredible evolution of the Forged in the Dark system. Your quickly dwindling stack of cards adds even more tension to the pressure cooker of trying to save people, avoiding predatory corporate powers, and keeping your damn GEV in the air for one more night.

Absolutely, and please share it here when you're finished!

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Not that I know of, but if I find something I'll be sure to post about it.

A terrific journey through memory, perspective, and emotion. This game is a unique set of tools for crafting a shared history and then working together to make sense of it, and the world, as it is unraveled through corrupted memories and redacted details. Become One is one of a kind.

A perfect representation of how depressions warps perception, ability, and reality. I've never felt so much empathy for a rectangle.

Thank you! It was very much inspired by The Southern Reach Trilogy and similar stories. 

In order to kill a King each card in the payload must match the suit. It doesn’t matter if one card exceeds the health if the other isn’t also a heart or wild. 

The number for ICE remains static throughout the game. If you’d like an additional challenge you can always augment that rule and see how it goes. 

Hello! Thanks for playing!
Yes, the hole in the middle of the matrix is a free space where you can place any card (to start) and then follow rules for placement as normal. The rule about royals is I think a typo, it should say royals of each suit, so yes you need to kill all Jacks, Queens, and Kings. If you do end up doing a French translation please let me know!

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I knew next to nothing going in and then I wanted to know absolutely everything once I finished. I want to make this game central in my thinking of what video games can be, but that still won't give it the credit it deserves. 

In a world that too often equates frames per second and stereotypical characters with quality, Sagebrush and it's lo-fi aesthetic proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that unforgettable video games can just be beautiful rather than expensive.

Thank you!

Thank you! I wasn't aware of the different interpretations of where Strength and Justice fit in the major arcana. Perhaps I will switch them around in a future version!

That's amazing! Maybe one day I'll have enough resources to release some custom cards.


Happy to hear it :)

Thank you so much!

Oh awesome! Thank you for the support, can't wait to watch the video.

That's what I'm hoping!

Please add my games to this bundle: 

No, haven't done any actual plays unfortunately.

Hi Kash!

Thanks so much for the kind words about my game, I really appreciate it. I'm planning on having the game be content complete by the end of this year, and so far I'm on track to achieve that.

Excellent question. I've actually played with this sort of complication before in Scum & Villainy, another Blades in the Dark hack. The way I treated it there was as an ongoing complication that I could use when the character got less than a 6 on an action roll. When it felt appropriate I would give the player harm based on their addiction: dizziness, exhaustion, nausea, etc. I also started a clock where their addiction would replace their vice, which I could tick as a result of Devil's Bargains or further complications. 

You could use similar methods in Neon Black. The character could also rid themselves of this addiction by completing a long-term project.

I assumed the group has already had this conversation, but I would also double-check and make sure that everyone at the table was on board with this complication being included in the story. Addiction and substance abuse can be very uncomfortable for people to experience in a fictional setting, so make sure everyone is being safe and happy!

So nice I downloaded it twice.

This would be a very exciting opportunity!