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thank you, i'm glad you liked it!!

wow i really appreciate your comment, thanks for going so in-depth!!!

i'm so happy to hear how much you liked the movement! if you couldnt tell, its what i spent most of my time on :p

if i work more on the game, a better tutorial will definitely be the first thing i do. this one is wayyyy wordy and frontloaded.

i had never heard of The Missing at all until now so i'll def add it to my wishlist.

thanks again, i'm glad you enjoyed the game!

i'm glad you liked it!

i plan on adding a level select screen sometime after ratings close. if i end up polishing it more than that what would you like to see?

seconding this

super fun lil sandbox game! absolutely loved it

i tried to make an everything sandwich but i couldnt reach the top to put the bread on ;;----;;

fun game! love the music too *chefs kiss*

cool lil idea!

love the art and the concept! the level design could be a bit more generous, but i loved the lil dialogue blurbs and the art

loved the art! level design was a bit of a challenge but fun idea!

love this so much!! i was so excited when i finally linked the boss

only complaint is the audio didn't work for me for some reason, but the art alone was cute enough

fun lil game! reminds me of the game like it in club penguin :o

super challenging. great job! the art was rly cool too

super fun and silly! love swinging your partner around. i got to 8 before i died :p

fun concept! my tiny frog brain couldnt beat it tho :v

thanks, glad you liked it!

thanks! i hate it!

i also agree with keeping the name as a hook too. and making it a yearly thing would be great!

having a bigger score for running further is really interesting!

really cool scares!

funny maze game haha

the monsters are scary!

love the level design! really teaches the player to learn the limited movement

pumpkin poggers!

thanks i'm so glad you like it ! keyboard controls are first on my list if i go back to working on this lol

thanks, hope you liked it!

keyboard and mouse controls will be the first thing i add if i work on it more. it wouldve been hard to do in time for the jam, i'd have to make a whole new menu and stuff and i was already working myself to the bone lol

I love the music and spritework! the collision feels finnicky imo, but it was interesting to only be able to aim to either side of yourself :)

thanks for the feedback!

to make it less of a waiting game i'd probably overhaul the way the sail works and make the comets more predictable, so the challenge comes from noticing the patterns and planning instead of trying to react to all the chaos around you. may also add a motor that doesn't boost you very much, the game Defunct does that, and it worked really well

some sort of negative force would be better probably, but i had my grandma test it and she was already having a tough time controlling the ship already so i decided against it lol

 in planning i toyed around with the idea of having wormholes that would warp you to a puzzly kinda challenge room, which could add some good friction to it imo, and make the solar system be like an overworld. i'll probably add that if i work more on it

this is so cool!!! i LOVE the level design, really creative use of the tiles

thanks! I hate it!

A wonderful game with great mechanics that make use of the no-gravity gimmick. There's also an amazing difficulty curve, and a lot of polish. Great Job!