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Hey all, I'm going to use the Vertex Jam as an opportunity to jam out an idea I've had for a while now: a 4 player local split-screen kart-based arena shooter, but with FPS elements (guns, jumping, shielding, environmental hazards, etc.). Think Mario Kart meets Doom.

It will be set in the same world as--and borrow a lot of mechanics from--a game I released earlier this year: Operation Hardcore. Naturally, it will be called Operation Hardkart.

For the jam I hope to create a prototype/proof of concept with one track, 3-4 weapons, and some way to win (i.e. stay alive the longest/kill all other players). Visually, I'll be going for something along the lines of Mario Kart 64: a combination of billboard sprites, and low poly models with low res textures.