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find out the C button is the first trap of the game :)

Very nice work in 2 weeks.

I love the character run cycle. I'm less convinced by backgrounds and lacks of consistency with pixel size  variations (but i'm super picky with this).

Story is very funny as well, maybe a bit too short (but will my entry, I will not give lesson about that :) )

I love the dumb death count :D

There is checkpoint now :) But can't release before the end of voting.

Thank for playing

One of my fav' from far

Soon ? :) No chance :)

But I think I will constantly update it and it will grow slowly.

:) it seems that half of the games are not running properly on your computer Guga

Thanks for playing !!

Indeed, the button map is one of those many things I had to sacrifice on the altar of "Lack of Time".

That the price to work with my own engine, each small thing like this is big time consuming for implementation :/

the executable are the bat files.  If nothing happen, i assume you have a fail.  If you run the .bat file through a terminal, you should have a error message. Could you copy/past it ?

corax.exe is the game engine interpreter, if you run it without a game data root as argument, it will not run anything :/

very funny dialog :) and very well polished. Awesome game design in only two weeks.

Thanks man.

Regards to the pleasure I had to finish that jam. There's a lot of chance that game grow with years indeed :)

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Lol I tried to implement a checkpoint at the middle the story. But it was too late, I didn't achieved it in time. But for sure after the jam, it's a point I have to solve.

Thanks for you playtime anyway !

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I'm glad you like it.

:) Hope you were able to reach the end without too many frustrations (the game can mistreat players )t !

lol very very dark :) congrat, great job !

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:) The only bug I see here is: Someone didn't read the instructions (command) and is stuck at first puzzle :D


Download the Zip file, extract and execute whitecrowparrot.bat in the folder. (Only for window unfortunately)

:| i'm stuck which is very frustrating. I combined the sail and the boat and after i can't find out what to do.

By the way, even with no animation, just with on bg and a ambiance sound, that game is terribly immersive. Just don't want to leave that mood.

This one is really awesome

Same here, really frustrating. I had to read to Izzy ThePuff comment to have the controls to switch char. And no way to pass the first tree :(

Sad because the graphics are great.