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This game's really beautiful and the music's really nice!!! I love the idea of soulmates not actually being soulmates, and the little dashes of humor within the game are great! That said, I have a few ideas on how to improve the story, and I hope that you don't take offense to these suggestions.

1. I definitely agree with another comment that the endless task assigning gets repetitive... And also, is there a purpose meant for the money that Kira earns by working?

2. I feel like sometimes the romantic plot is really inconsistent; I know that there's ultimately an "endgame" route with Robin but it feels really... rough, if that makes sense. I haven't played his route but I assume that everything would flow better if you just kept hanging out with him. However, if you don't, you get thrown into a weird mix of canon + chosen romance. Maybe work making the routes all canon in different ways (more work) or maybe more of a kinetic novel?

This is so interesting!!! I'm usually not that into Sci-Fi but I'm actually pretty attached to the characters now lol

The art's really nice, and I'm looking forward to the future development :D

It's alright; I got the gist of what you're saying lol

Thanks for trying to help ^^

Since I spent around 20 minutes trying to figure this out and still couldn't even with this tip - 

***You actually don't need to click one in every category.***

This was the part that bamboozled me and made me resort to a let's play, which I really didn't want to do :(

No, this is such a big mood lol Finally figured out that the lower part leads to another room that you press enter to go into.