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thanks for checking it out, glad you are enjoying it more this time :)

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had a fun time watching your playthrough, thanks for playing  :)

enjoyed the art style :)

+ Just updated with a patch that supports most screen sizes. 

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Nice channel, you should have more subs :)

thanks for playing, I hope you continue all the way to the end ! :)

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thanks for checking out CONCLUSE, I like your take on the story haha

We're going to try, we had issues with our linux build we are currently trying to work out :)

Thanks for checking it out, you have a great channel :)

Your walkthrough has been fun to watch, hope you continue to the end! 

Haha, thanks for checking it out, your partner is a trooper :P

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Thanks for playing, enjoyed your playthrough!

Hey Levont, I watched all of your playthrough so far, glad you are enjoying it, and thanks for taking the time to record :)