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This reminds me of Nintendo's "Snowpack Park" for the Wii.

This will always be one of my favorite Pico-8 games.

One autumn morning, I awoke form a troubled sleep. Was it a warning? I had been transformed Into a sheep.


Inside the house, my family waits for my return. What if they find out? What will happen when they learn that I am-

Trapped in the body of sheep! What can he do? How would you walk on four feet if it happened to you?


Gotta pay my bills, this golden fleece won't loose his cool. I am productive, I am worth more than my wool. Though I'm still-

Trapped in the body of a sheep! Lamb to the slaughter to the feast. It could happen to you.


One autumn evening, I prepared to go to bed. When suddenly, I, out of the corner of my eye, saw a pitchfork aimed at my head by a farmer who was-

Trapped in the Baahahaha-dy of a sheep. What can he do?

Lamb to the slaughter to the feast, it could happen to you. Trapped in the body of a sheep, what can he do? (What can I do?) Lamb to the slaughter to the feast. It could happen to you. (It could happen you.) To you. (It could happen you ewe.)

It has already happened to you.

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In the description, it says that anyone submitting a project must fill in an application.

The "application link" just links to the game jam's page. Here's where it sends you.

Is there a form to fill out that isn't properly linked here?

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"Flash, Scale, Skew, Shake, Wobble, Jump, Wave even you can add an outline effect with any disered color."

The most obvious error is that "disered" should be "desired," but the whole thing reads awkwardly.

I'm suggesting that you replace that line with this:

"With Juice FX, you can add effects such as flashing, scaling, bouncing, wobbling, shaking, skewing, or an outline to your sprites."

"Kadokawa will not be taking control of your game away from you!"

Does this mean that, after the contest is over, if the winning submission's creator wanted to publish their game on other distribution platforms (not including Nintendo's Switch eShop) such as Steam, GoG, Epic, Humble, (etc.), they would be able to do so without interference from Kadokawa or AGM? Or, if this is about giving Kadokawa exclusive publishing rights for all platforms, does this also extend to potential sequels and/or spinoff concepts?

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Aug 28, 2018 is not within the timeline for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam.

Windows 10 1903 - Uninstaller does not function. At all. Uninstalling with Windows Settings or the control panel doesn't work either. Even after going through and deleting all of the files related to Assetcat, Windows still thinks that it's installed.


I couldn't get sound to work for any of the games on itch, but this is pretty fun when played in the sok-stories application.

I enjoyed riding the manta ray/ladybug creature.

I'm glad that the potion will make me sleep sweetly. Sour sleep is no good!

I already bought this on Steam, but I just want to say that this game is excellent.