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The smore character was really cute and the music was catchy. Nice job!

Very fun game ! The pixel art graphics are impressive for the short time period and I especially like the run animation. I should’ve known to never trust a flower. 

Feel free to rate my game as well, if you want :D 

Very fun game ! Reminded me of Muffin Knight with the switching of guns and characters. It would be nice if you could check out my game too 

Nice job! It was definitely different than all the other games, but I could never tell if I was progressing in the level or if I made a mistake and got reset. Works with the theme great. I’d love it if you could rate my game too

Very fun game! I would include more rules in the actual game and the music got quite repetitive, but great job! Rate my game for me? :)

Thanks !! 

Very fun game ! I got a highscore of 150!

I could definitely see this made into a fully fledged game, finding all the rooms and the escape room adventure feel was awesome

Very creative game! I love the hidden mechanic, and I died waaaay too much

Your game was great! Very puzzling and difficult

Fun game !! Argggh I spent way too much time playing it