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Oh I see... I'll think in that possibility also... Maybe with patience in a year and a half when I finish my studies it may be possible... Thanks for your advice :)

Thanks for the advice! I will take care of my scope and aim

Thanks for the feedback! I will be checking out your game now

This is the first time I participated in a game jam, my very first "finished" game,  and it was a very good learning experience... I am considering the one game a week challenge, for at least 6 months. Do you have any advice for a new developer? I do work full time, and study at the university, so my idea is to work two or three hours at night, but I have no idea if that is enough... For my current game I crunched myself 5 to 6 hours until quite late at night... I hope not to need to do that very often. I will participate in the weekly game jams at itch so I maintain myself motivated and that may give me a headstart with ideas.

I am making a complete overhaul of my game... Since it's the first game I ever made, I missed quite a few things... But I will update it just once, and move on to other projects... I am still in the learning phase :D

Very fun and intuitive! I did not know how to play, but after just one lost game I understood the rules... Good job!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Already rated yours :

Loved the cartoony graphics and the puzzles are well thought... Good job!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm checking yours out now

Very fun game! The controls are realy challenging... I struggled every moment haha

Thanks! I am checking out yours right now

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely take all of that into account :)

Thanks for the feedback! When you pass through the light of an enemy, it becomes red and reduces your health while it shines on you... It just isn't polished at all :(

I will use your help at some moment hahaha

Thanks! I love the workflow so I will definitely try to release my next game made on it

Thanks for the feedback! Did not have much time to create more content :(

Great and unique game in my opinion :)

Thanks! Checking out yours now

Already rated yours a couple of days ago

The workflow is really good in 2D, in my opinion, however in 3D, its kind of weird for me... Creating the meshes for example takes quite a few steps... I don´t know if on the long run its easier, since I did not dig very much into it... I attempted to make 2D game in godot for a game jam 3 weeks ago, but failed miserably due to my lack of skills hahaha

Hahaha rating yours now... Rate mine also

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I used Unity for this jam, but I also am practicing with godot for a couple of months already now... really good engine, although there are certain things I don´t understand yet... But for the next jam I will use it

Thanks for the feedback!

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Great art style and clues!  Added to my collection :)


Check mine out :) - Escape

Check mine out :) - Escape

Check mine out :) - Escape

Check mine out :) - Escape

Check mine out :) - Escape

Check mine out :) - Escape

Check mine out :) - Escape

Thanks for the feedback! The player retrieves the chip for the A.I. to help him escape, but the A.I. is the real enemy... 👌

Fun game! At times I had a glitch where I could not equip the gun :( but great concept

Check out mine :) Escape

Check out mine :) Escape

The one I liked the most, and realy caught me was Dissonance... Its unbelievable

Excellent trivia, very fun to watch the little character run... Audio quality is very good also